Monday, February 16, 2009

Hard to Believe. True?

We've No Gay Nor Lesbian Group, Says Chief Ojo Madueke



LAGOS - Nigeria appeared at the United Nations in Geneva before the UN Human Rights Council to defend its human rights record during the week.


Under its universal periodic review mechanism proceedure, in a session lasting three hours Chief Ojo Madueke presented an overview of Nigeria's human rights situation, addressing issues raised by members of the Council on the rights of women, death penalty and Nigeria's criminal justice system, the Niger Delta, extra-judicial killing and the state of prisons in Nigeria.


His presentation caused a stir when he informed members of the council that the government of Nigeria had been unable to locate persons of gay and sexual orientation, despite concerted efforts by his ministry to include this category of persons in the consultations on the human rights situation in Nigeria.


He further informed the audience that his ministry located only one woman of lesbian orientation and when invited to participate in a discussion on the rights of gay and lesbian persons, the lady informed his Ministry that she was pregnant.




Well, well, well,

very, very hard to believe. And Nigeria has a total population in excess of 90 million.

But, come to think of it, Nigeria was mulling a law to outlaw gay marriage. Why?

And what is Akinola always shouting about? Sorry, Archbishop. You just want to become primate of primates. Doesnt mean there are gay nigerians, does it?

What about the 18 guys they arrested in Kano, Nigeria for attending a gay marriage? Maybe the man should have just gone to the court.

 All, they could have asked Jide's dad. He seems ready to testify...!

Jide, believe it or not, you just dont exist. Not officially anyway. What arrogance!

Come to think of it, I have written too much about gay Nigerians. The ones that the Chief failed to find.

Maybe all that is a lie- official position is, No Gay Nigerians.

Upside, there shouldnt be any laws against gay nigerians. But the MPs are a hard working lot. So, they must make the laws. Just in case gay nigerians start existing. What with all this contact with the decadent west.


Now, now, now, guys- defend yourself. Do you exist, or don’t you?


[Tongue in cheek; thanks be that even Nsaba Buturo would never dare to utter such a lie in Uganda…!] No gay Nigerians indeed!!! Ha ha ha ha ha…..!



Skorrdal said...

The "beam" is always "smaller" than the "splinter" in the observer's eye... (or how it is in the English language...)

Of course there are no "gay's" in Nigeria, if the "observer" don't wants to see them. But the statistics tell us a different story - but the discrimination just hide the "evidence"...

spiralx said...

Gay Nigerians have been either keeping quiet or leaving the country for greener pastures, for years now. The recent Govt legal bigotry there will hardly have reassured anyone. I wouldn't have come out of the closet for this Chief - and I doubt anyone else would either.

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