Sunday, February 22, 2009

Immorality in Uganda: (And who you should blame it on)

Blamed for the country’s ills we are-

(Shhhhh. A very recent spate of articles in the news. From the other side.)


Government to fight immorality 

First published: 20090216 11:42:56 AM EST



The minister of state for Ethics Dr. James Nsaba Buturo has indicated that immoral practices like corruption, homosexuality, pornography and indecent dressing among others are on the increase in the country because of the immoral leaders.


He says some leaders are part of the problem because they practice and encourage such immoral practices.


Buturo told journalists in Kampala recently that his ministry has now started a campaign to expose and sensitize such leaders on moral issues.


Although, such immoral practices like homosexuality are banned by the constitution, they are widely practiced by some sections of the population.


Recently, the president of the People’s Development Party (PDP), Abed Bwanika said that homosexuality is a serious problem in schools because school administrators continue to hide such immoral acts to protect the image of their schools.


Supporters of such practices have criticized the Ethics Minister’s hard stance on homosexuality and lesbianism in the country because its against human rights.


And, Abed Bwanika on Homosexuality in Schools


Parents warned on homosexuality

First published: 20090216 11:38:54 AM EST

The President of the People’s development Party (PDP) Dr. Abed Bwanika has appealed to parents to be cautious of their children when choosing the schools to take them to so as to avoid them from adopting the immoral practices of homosexuality and lesbianism.


He says, there are schools in the country set up by homosexuality and lesbianism organisations to encourage the immoral practices.


Although the two practices are banned by the Ugandan constitution, they are widely practiced. Kiwewesi a prominent Kampala pastor was recently accused of sodomy.


Bwanika told journalists at the PDP headquarters in Kampala yesterday that parents should advocate for the revision of the Uganda schooling system to encourage, the setting up of mixed schools and abolishment of single schools because they encourage the immoral practices.


He says parents should also stop taking their children to boarding primary schools, where most learn the immoral behaviours from. He says keeping children in day schools will help parents impart moral values to their children and to constantly monitor their behaviours.


The PDP president appealed to doctors, who operate many of the victims of homosexuality to report such cases to the police so that the culprits can be punished.


Bwanika also appealed to the government to priotise the fight against the practice of homosexuality through increased funding to the Ethics ministry, the police and increased sensitisation programmes on the dangers of the practices.


Wow, the guy has the whole thing. Cause, Effect, Solution. And he wants to be President of the Republic!


Some more hilarious views from Ugandan papers


Stop plaiting hair, men told  

Sadly, the Communist is no longer posting. How he would hate to be mistaken for me!!!!


MEN should shun the feminine practice of plaiting their hair to avoid being misunderstood, an archdeacon has advised. “A man with plaited hair can easily send a signal that he has homosexual tendencies.


It is absurd that we hurry to copy foreign culture without analysing the implications,” Canon Ezekiel Nyende said. He was delivering a sermon at All Saints CMS Church on Sunday.

Wonder why I am posting these homophobic articles here? The gay agenda is in part, a huge part, a reaction to the hate we experience. It has been quiet, for a long while. Seems as if the 'phobes have decided to push back.

Check the next post, Monday Morning. And, pray for this tiny country and our gay friends.


spiralx said...

Well, as I said before when these scurrilous 'articles' appeared, the teachers unions should be forwarding an official complaint to the minister about character defamation.

And doctors should be replying in just two words: "patient confidentiality", or perhaps, "Hippocratic oath". That's Hippocratic, not hypocritic.

Anonymous said...

They are also preparing an anti-gay seminar March 5-7 at Hotel Triangle in Kampala according to I am e-mailing you my findings about the speakers' dubious credentials.

gayuganda said...


the doctors and teachers are part of society. Strongly phobic.

Last year, some activists went to Medical school to debate homosexuality. Were kind of (un)suprised to have the Quaran and Bible thrust at them, with verses the stones... Had to make a 'tactical withdrawal' with violence more or less being threatened.

the teachers are not much different!!!

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