Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Official Invitation

  • Some points to note
  • The official invitation is e-mailed (to me! Ha ha ha) from Kampala Pentecostal Church. A mega church, founded by a Canadian in Uganda.What I know about the pastor is that he hates Harry Potter and all the shingdings.
  • They are not stopping at only the conference, but there are public lectures at

    Makerere University Pool, where Pastor (you guessed) Martin Ssempa holds his ‘Pool Side Fellowship’

    Kampala Pentecostal Church itself

    Greenhill Academy; an elite secondary school in the middle of the city.

  • First Time in Africa!!!!
    Ok, my friends from over the seas. Now, I can actually say there is proof that you do export homophobia. First it was the British with the law. Now, it is the Americans in a more insidious state.Bet you it will not be the last time. So, Africa, here comes our own involvement in the ‘Culture Wars’

    Ok, jokes aside. The programme is much more extensive than I thought. Our work is really cut out for us.

We well funded homosexuals, who are out to spread the homosexual agenda in Uganda and in Africa are reeling from this, even before it happens. Can we hold a conference like this?
I will ask Honourable Nsaba-Buturo. But the answer is too obvious.

But, how can we counter this? Ideas appreciated.

Subject: Exposing the Homosexuals Agenda for Uganda

Dear Parent, Guardian, Concerned Person,

You are cordially invited to attend an important seminar and on homosexuality scheduled for March 5-7, 2009. The details are given here below. Please forward this information to others.

Best regards,

Stephen Langa (0772-476071)
Executive Director
Family Life Network

Awareness & Training Seminar on How to Handle Homosexuality Issues, March 5-8, 2009

Theme: Exposing the Truth behind Homosexuality and the Homosexual Agenda

Today, the well funded and well organized homosexual machinery is taking one country after another by de-criminalizing homosexual practices in those countries and legalizing gay marriages in some of them.
Uganda is now under extreme pressure from the same group to de-criminalize homosexuality. This group recently scored a landmark victory in a court case against the state in December 2008. Several homosexual groups are active in Uganda and are busy recruiting school boys and girls at an alarming rate using a variety of methods. These groups have support from within and outside the country, have well trained activists, who have a clear vision, an agenda and are determined to accomplish their objectives.
While most people have little factual information on the whole subject of homosexuality, the homosexual propaganda machinery is taking advantage of this, by feeding the un-suspecting world with information that is wrecking havoc in individuals, families and the society at large.

2. The Seminar March 5-7, (8.30-5.30pm)

It is against this background that Family Life Network and other stakeholders have organized a three-day seminar to provide reliable and up to date information to Ugandans and nationals from Africa so that they can know how to protect themselves, their children, families and can make informed decisions on this global subject.

The seminar will aim at accomplishing the following objectives: -
· Provide insight on the causes and treatment of homosexuality
· Provide practical tips on how to prevent homosexuality behavior in youth
· Expose the homosexual agenda, their tactics, strategy and methods of recruitment
· Provide information and guidelines on how to respond to the homosexual agenda in an organization, community or nation.

Main Speakers:

Dr. Scott Lively (USA), founder of Abiding Truth Ministries, a lawyer, human rights advocate, author, media personality with over 600 media appearances, international sought speaker with over 20 years experience in matters relating to homosexuality.

Mr. Don Schmierer (USA), has been in counseling and interpersonal work for over 40 years among students, professionals and leaders in universities, the military, institutions and corporations. He is also an author and has worked with homosexual recovery groups.

Mr. Lee Brundidge (USA), from International Healing Ministries, a ministry that is rehabilitates homosexuals and lesbians. He is a former homosexual who has reformed and is now helping other homosexuals to get reformed.

Resource Materials: Will be available on sale.

Participants: This seminar is for parents, guardians, teachers, government officials, policy makers/members of parliament, religious leaders, counselors, activists who need in-depth knowledge on the subject of homosexuality.

Venue: Hotel Triangle , Buganda Road, Kampala . Tel. 256-414-231748; Website:

Seminar Fees: UShs. 75,000 for the 3days or 25,000/= per day, including morning and afternoon refreshments. Participants should make their own lunch arrangements. (There are several restaurants in the neighborhood.)

Invitation Letters: Participants who need special invitation letters can request for them.

First time in Africa: This is the first such seminar on homosexuality, in Africa

Booking: Deadline for bookings is February 28, 2009

3. Other meetings (Free Entrance, Resources will be on sale)

Thursday March 5, 2009, 5.30pm-7.30pm Don Schmierer
Testimony by Lee Brundidge
Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC)
All categories of people invited

Friday March 6, 2009, 5.30pm-7.30pm Dr. Scott Lively
Testimony by Lee Brundidge
Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC)
All categories of people invited

Saturday March 7, 2009, 7.30-10.00 Dr. Scott Lively & Lee Brundidge
Prime Time,
Makerere University Swimming Pool
University students invited

Sunday March 8, 2009, 2.00pm-5.30pm Dr. Scott Lively & Lee Brundidge
Greenhill Academy Kampala , near Mukwano Industries.
School students & pupils invited

For more information contact : Family Life Network,
Gaba Road, Kansanga, Opposite KI University,
P.O Box 28614, Kampala,
Telephone: 0772-464226, 0753-492156,
0712-395612, 0414-268981,
Contact Person:
Stephen Langa
Cell Phone: +256-772-476071

A thought. Am I doing Mr Langa a favour advertising him here? He is certainly a man to watch. Like Ssempa, and Nsaba-Buturo.

But the ultimate accolade from me? Advertising his work here? Wellllllllllll!!



AfroGay said...

I got some people to research these guys and Brundidge's cultish tendencies are easier to pinpoint. How about doing a nice leaflet on him and handing it out to the press and everyone attending? Some way should be found to ask him about that Club Mysterio cult and the Ekstasis business that he is involved in.

gayuganda said...


You know what it is to be like at one of Ssempa's rallies against homosexuality? It is scary. The hate is on prime display.

I wouldnt advise a blatant show of pro-gay sentiment. People can very likely be hurt.

Anonymous said... going for this one...this is what uganda needs now.....thumbs up for Pastor martin ssempa, Hon.nsaba buturo and steven langa, i wonder what uganda would be like without these guys.

thanks for the add....i didnt know about this.

prime time oyeeeee!!!!

Unknown said...

I believe it's time reality knocks the heads of homosexuals nobody is born that way,i know of people who were confused into that nasty act and their out and vow never to get back their.So to all who are still confused it's time to clean up your thoughts and make a-turn to the rightful ways of life

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the seminar, and I care about you, so when you're not busy standing up for yourself, and have a moment to spare, may we please have a cup of coffee, or tequilla shots?
It's just a thought :-)
easy does it

spiralx said...

I guess I may as well say the obvious...

George, "nobody is born that way" is a nonsense. All the scientific data to date shows that indeed they are, though culture and experience also add to that.

Martha, enjoy. You may even find you discover a calling! If you can get Distemper, sorry, Ssempa, into bed, and then do a kiss-and-tell with, say, the Red Pepper, that would be grand!

Anonymous said...

i too will be there with you martha....we need data and information on homosexuality

Scott lively is really good .....homosexuals are also invited to this conference may be their eyes can be opened even a little

see you there, atleast all u guys should register even 'spiralx' huh

Anonymous said...

The hatred and bigotry that these christian fundamentalists are exporting is frightening.

They are pushing an agenda that failed and is bound to fail because it violates basic human rights and the very civil liberties of people. They are playing into the paranoia of parents, just like bush painted the Weapons of mass destruction threat al over the Middle East. Start with the homosexuals, and tomorrow, it will be the non-Ugandans, then the muslims, then pretty much anybody who doesn't speak to God like they do.

Gays did not spontaneously generate they were created by GOD. Just like everyone else.
Is it a choice to be gay? Who would choose rejection, a hateful society, losing friends, family, a life in hiding?

If being gay is a choice I dare any straight person to start thinking very hard about a person of the same sex and see if that works. It's not being confused it's who we are. and by the way no one is out there to get the children, they are our brothers and sisters and get this CHILDREN too.
I am a christian, but the Bible is a book and like every book there is a story to be learnt, a message to be heard. That is one of love. Should we take it to the letter, then try this:
"Samar'ia shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword, their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open."Hosea 13:16.
and there is worse, many more like that, should we practice that because it's in the bible, eviscerating pregnant women and smashing babies, sounds like Rwanda 1994.Slavery is condoned by the bible, stoning adulterous women is in the bible, while the males can have another go at leisure...I mean come on..THINK

Let's be the christians we all say we are, people who genuinely care about the needs of our neighbours and seek Jesus in the disposessed, the people on the fringes, gays, Kjongs, disabled people, orphans, the Batwa, street children and all those who need the money and energy that will be spent on a an issue that 20 years from now, will be gone.
Next time talk about domestic abuse, equal inheritance rights for women, CORRUPTION, child sexual abuse( 95% is heteresexual by the way) not an isue that has miserably failed in their home countries..

God loves all his Children, yes all of them. As for Sempa, and Buturo and the guys that are coming and all the homophobes, I trust God has a plan and I pray they are part of it, I sincerely pray that one day they may see the hurt and fear and damage they have caused. I also pray they have the guts and balls to say sorry for it.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Anon.

I made a deliberate decision to let those with differing opinions post here.

Of course I know that they are offended by my very being. and hate, instead of love...!

Sometimes I listen to the many things that they say, and struggle not to reply. Maybe anon has replied you all.
The likes of Martha, George, Eliza,..

You are welcome. If only you would read a little of what you write in face of what Anon wrote. And of course, take a moment to reflect on the two posts about Christians doing gay bashing. Take time to think,...!

You are welcome.

Anonymous said...

GayUganda, thank you. My point I guess is that there has to be a dialogue going on.
The extremists in Ugandan society(because a lot of people in Uganda are very much live and let live)need to stop hating and start talking,to use reason, cold rationnal thinking between two human parties, it's how the world has evolved.

As I said slavery, female circumcision, forced marriages, honor killings, ritual killings, extermination of the tribe next door, colonisation, apartheid,discrimination against women, the disabled, tribes are practices that were perfectly acceptable in their time.
Because they were unjust practices, some exceptional people stood up to the system and said this is wrong. The Gandhis, Luther Kings, Obamas are the few brave who have said enough is enough, we are better than haters, we are brothers and sisters.
Let us aspire to being a better society, where everyone is aboard the boat, rowing in unison towards a better place. That's what development is. Fairness, equality, tolerance and JUSTICE.
A concerned citizen of the world.

gayuganda said...


I can only say Amen to that.

Unfortunately, it is not very likely that dialogue will happen. But it is important for rational people to stand up and demand dialogue.

On my part, I see the need, for a little rationality, but I am too busy surviving to try to reason with the guy wielding the sword. So, I come out with mine swinging, hoping to force a truce, in a way.

I have been hearing about the wild claims of some of the speakers at the conference to come. Wild. Blaming my sexual orientation for Nazism, blaming me for all the ills of the world. Laughable. Ridiculous. Amazing and stupid.

And, some of the people who have been commenting on this blog will be out there, lapping it up, praising god,..! And confirming their view of me as the worst of sinners.

In Uganda, I cannot even stand and say that they are wrong. They will monopolise the media when they are here. I will not be able to say anything that will not be censored out.

Dialogue? It is going to be a deafening monologue. Pray for those who are questioning their sexuality. They are in for a wall of sea water.

Anonymous said...

You asked how to respond....

One way might be to alert your media (and any media) to how fringe these guys are (especially Lively and Brundidge.)

Look at Brundidge raising the dead:

USA Today

Make some comments and maybe USA Today will take this somewhere...

Anonymous said...

You can still come for the conference......its restrictions!! COME AS YOU ARE

David Hart said...

I just want to say that I am very proud of the brave gay community in Uganda.

Here in the US, we are fighting for rights than seem almost trivial when compared to the plight of gay Ugandans who are sometimes fighting for the very right to live.

Not surprisingly, Langa does not respond to emails. He will remain an ignorant fool!

David Hart.

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