Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sodomites in Uganda's Prisons

Sternly. There will be no Sodomites in Ugandas Prisons.

So, when we are asked, we shall say truthfully, that there are no sodomites. Period.

Prison authorities hunt sodomites

First published: 20090216 8:22:52 AM EST


The Commissioner General of Uganda Prisons, Joseph Byabashaija has launched an operation to identify and punish inmates engaged in sodomising others. This follows increasing reports that many oprisoners are sodomised by their fellow prisoners.


Byabashaija has directed all Luzira Prison waders to pin up posters on all the prison corridors warning inmates that sodomy is illegal and the culprits will be dealt with once found.


The posters signed by Byabashaija also warn prisoners that sodomy spreads HIV/AIDS and calls upon prisoners to report any incidents of sodomy.


Byabashaija's directive follows a communication to him from Mulago hospital doctors who have worked on sodomy victims from Luzira. The hospital wrote to Byabashaija last month asking him to stamp out the bad vice in prisons.


Most of the victims, according to some Luzira prison waders, are poor inmates who want to receive freebies from the rich prisoners.


Byabashaija has also directed innocent inmates to secretly report to him all prisoners they suspect are practicing homosexuality.

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spiralx said...

is , of course, puts the spotlight firmly on the fine line between consensual sex and rape (non-consensual sex).

If a prisoner willingly sells his (or her!) body, and let's remember, the warders are as implicated here as any prisoner, how much are they victims of "sodomy", and how much of a repressive and unbalanced prison system that allows, supports or in some cases encourages such things ?

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