Friday, February 27, 2009


I looked at my land
harsh, with
no softness hidden
but a red
dust patina
covering everything,

Now I see
the glorious sunshine
the green
of trees and grass
smiling people
lovely men
beauty, children
a golden wealth
of life pulsatile-

Why were
my eyes blind
ears deaf, mouth
dumb to all this
flow of life?

I’m in love.

©GayUganda 26 February 2009


Princess said...

"Why were
my eyes blind
ears deaf, mouth
dumb to all this
flow of life?

I’m in love."

Those lines got me.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog connected to Afriboy?

gayuganda said...

Hmmmm, Princess.

managed to get a touch of homesickness there?


no. Afriboy is a friend, acquitance. Different people.

Princess said...

You went and added pictures??
But GUG!

*Yes. I do miss home.

spiralx said...

Those pictures (you've gone and climbed a hill again, haven't you!) remind me of a slice of poetry I once read and loved:

The traffic and all the trivial sounds
Fade far away. I mount
Swiftly, for time is short. Flight beckons
Out where the world becomes worlds, suns pass, galaxies
Shrink and explode, time bends, and motion
A sweep of laws
Rolls up all my strength and all
Into one marvel.

gayuganda said...


'course I cheated. Just googled!

But I loved the piece. Poetry is this whorled fruit of increasing sweetness. Cant have enough of it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I thought your blog might be connected to Afriboy because it has Afriboy picture. How come you never write about him? Isn't he Ugandan and gay after all?

gayuganda said...


write about Orokie????

Used to.

Used to!

We are not in contact at moment.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are breathtaking. Truly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't read your English well.
Why "Orokie ????"
I like your blog.

gayuganda said...

Afriboy = Orokie

That is what I call him.

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