Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hi all,

Needed some time off. That is what happened, so I went kind of absent...

But I am around. And, hopefully, back now.



Anonymous said...

i think you now dont have tiome to write your nonsense, thats why you are lost and i think we have pumped more sense in you thats why you now not writing your stupid words you fools, am waiting to see you changed and writting developmental issues not homosexuality only and i want you to know this from to day their is no gay rights, the gay right is pupu and pupu is toilet

Anonymous said...

To the post before, if you do not want to read about homosexuality and the rights of your fellow Ugandans to BE, why do you bother stalking Gayuganda's every entry...
GayUganda, missed you loads...checked every day. I am a blog stalker and a proud one, keep up the good fight...FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE. Peace and love

Tamaku said...

Glad to see you again. Pray all is well, you were missed.

spiralx said...

Good to see you back, gug.

Anonymous 1 - yes,it's both curious and pathetic that the first response is yours. Got a life, at all?

As for "gay rights", tell us exactly where that phrase originates, outside of your own tiny excuse for a mind.

Human rights, to which gay people are as entitled as anyone else, remain an elusive goal for Uganda and its current regime.

Including the right to be free of cruel or degrading treatment; unlawful detention or arbitrary arrest (para 44 of the 1995 Ugandan Constitution). The right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association; and of free access to information (please note, Ministry of Health).

And - to quote from the 1995 Ugandan Constitution:

36. Minorities have a right to participate in decision-making processes;

38(2): Every Ugandan has a right to participate in peaceful activities to influence the policies of government through civic organisations.

Gug has every right to be here and say what he says; and so does SMUG, etc.

Quike said...

It's ok. Everybody needs a time to think, to feel, to breath.

By the way, happy Pride Day!

Bolton said...

Thank God!

You had me really worried there for a time.

I'm so grateful that you are OK.

When you go silent my mind begins to have you arrested, imprisoned, tortured, killed -- or whatever.

So at least drop a word once in a while for those of us who love you.

Leonard said...

I´m with Bolton, I was a tad nervous for you...but, in order to keep myself occupied, I was extra vicious/nasty at my blog regarding Bishop Orombi and his deadbeat pal Minister Butro as they drum up a little business and do a Gay LGBT ¨witch hunt¨ simultaneously. Orombi isn´t doing well in the U.S...I hope the man starts getting a grip on reality and stops instigating imagined ¨imported¨ problems (imagined problems that he tries to export for the right price)...he really needs to stay in Uganda and minister to REAL problems.

Anyway, GREAT TO SEE YOU APPEAR BEFORE US (I was getting a little tired of checking the Penguins).

BTW, how exactly IS the witch hunt progressing?

Abrazos to you and yours!

Wey Blanket said...

Welcome back Gug! I was also a little worried, and a little bored with penguins!

Wet Blanket! said...


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