Wednesday, July 1, 2009



The new beginning was three days ago, wasn’t it?

And then I had to have a gap. Some reasons, why I was away, that is.

Its kind of stressful, this ‘fight’ for gay rights. One has to write because one cares. And if you care, then the various twists and turns kind of take it out on you. I may not be the one being arrested, or accused, or denounced, directly, but all these things matter. And day in, day out, the toll is considerable.

Sometimes, for a while I didn’t consider it. But I am only human. Consider that toll I have to, and must. And then I have to draw back and rest and wonder.

Thanks people, for pulling for me, for us. We cant do it without you. As Obama said of Iran, you watching and keeping note is important.

I have gone through the comments to the RRR post. Well, interesting. Anon, you can sign your name here. You don’t have to remain anonymous. You know, you can put a name to your hate and ignorance. (Or wisdom and flair, as you may call it.) It is okay with me. And of course, you have a perfect right to abuse me on my blog, or not to come and look at it.

Ha, the witch-hunt…

Still ongoing, though the turn it has taken is kind of interesting.

More and more pastors are being ‘accused’ by the major anti-gay pastors. The crusade by Messrs Ssempa. Latest I think was a Pastor Leslie. Don’t know much about the guy, except that he has another ‘mega church’ on Entebbe Road. Don’t know where that has gone…

The football association has suspended one coach or referee(?) on allegations of homosexuality. Seems as if football has taken that seriously.

And there are various news of doings in the homosexual community, you know, the kind of allegations and counter allegations which make life more and more interesting.

And what is happening in the kuchu community?

News of homosexuality is no longer news. I mean, with the pastors fighting, it is so much less newsworth to label just another John Doe, or Mukasa as a ‘homosexual’. Of course, the problem may be that the public is credulous about the ulteriour motivation behind the witchhunt. They are, cant help being so!

The kuchu community continues doing what it does. Cant say that I am missing sex. Fact. It is more hidden, and less likely to make a pass to a stranger on Kampala Road, or at say, ‘High Table’, but, with the correct play of the eyes, one can work out who and who is or is not safe!

Oh, by the way, today, Wed 1st July, the news is that Homosexuals are to be stripped of their Human Rights. That is according to the Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity.

It is going to be in the news tomorrow, and I will see whether I can post something here.

Means that ‘normalcy’ is still reigning supreme in the Pearl of Africa.



Anonymous said...

HOMOSEXUALITY AND ALL WHO SUPPORT IT ARE REPULSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There! ised it!

gayuganda said...

Ha, Serakelz,

you have realy got it off your heart.

But you are still welcome here. Venting that kind of feeling is ok. Makes me ask, why, why, why!

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