Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fragile life

Life is fragile. Very. Especially in Africa.

Not the crazy riots in Nigeria, or Kenya last year, the current famine in Eastern Africa… Seems as if the continent is catching fire. In a way. Why is the news never good?

Because life, as beautiful as it is, is never simple, or easy. And no where is this more true than on this beautiful, tough continent.

Pensive mood has been stirred by a tragic story. Friend of mine… Cyber friend. Met sometime ago, years. Orokie, the painter.

I insist on calling him that. He is an artist. Gay and proud. Studied in Africa. Went off to complete studies in Europe. We met in cyberworld, built up a friendship. Virtual, real and unreal.
We were in contact for some time, then he dropped out of cyber. Couldn’t contact him for some time, then he popped back onto the net. He had a terrible story to tell.

After studying, he had taken off time to come home. And that journey turned into a life time nightmare. His story is here.

It is tough. Very tough.

Life is so fragile that it is pleasure to know that we are still living… The appreciation of how fragile and beautiful it is will make every drop of life worth savouring. Orokie is a young man that has been maimed and cruelly crippled in the bloom of his youth. An artist who is going blind, eyesight lost, that vision and perception of his world now turned in. Hopefully, with the resiliency of a human being, he will find someway to bless us with his gift.

Life is that unpredictable. And that beautiful.

Friend Orokie, my thoughts are with you on your journey back home, and may you still find joy in life as you did before.



Alchemical Image said...

Have you spoken to your friend?
How is he?

Anonymous said...

You say "His story is here". Is it?
How do you know?

gayuganda said...

Hi Essex,

I did talk to Orokie, at least exchanged some mail. He is in good spirits, considering.

Anon, I meant the link. And it is working, I have just checked.

Alchemical Image said...

Hi there. Yeah, thanks for answering. Much appreciated. Did you hear from your friend after the posting on his blog? It's so sad! There's been no posting there since the bad news.

gayuganda said...

We exchanged mail. Briefly. I dont think it is him posting to the blog. Someone else.

Wet Blanket said...

That is so awful. I had an idea he had surfaced, because Facebook (having previously read my email addresses), suddenly suggested him as a friend. Of course I sent a friend request, but no response. Now checking your blog after my recent trip to Uganda (sorry I didn't see you Gug), this is what I see. He had offered early last year (?) to draw from a photo of someone I love, but it never came, and my disppointment turned to concern, then sadness.
As you once said to me, Gug, don't worry, he will be fine. I hope so, in his heart, if not in his eyes.

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