Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tell me Again

You don’t hate me?

Ok, tell me, again

for I am slow, to understand

weak of mind, quicker to flame,

and anger-

tell me again

Why I prison deserve;

for loving him, the man I love.

[He is beautiful, he loves me,

holds me in his arms,

and makes love to me;

he holds me at night,

chases the terrors away,

kisses, touches, holds, loves

and he’s all for me]

tell me again-

Why you spit at me?

Ok, you’s a big man,

known, honoured,

you have all, that I lack-

a woman to love,

children, money, social standing

I see you on TV, radio

hear your voice, your laugh

in my head, nightmares

as you threaten prison,

tell me again, how much you love me?

Tell me of your love, please-

you know so little, and much;

and say too much-

you deny me family;

clan, tribe, country-

tell me again, how much you love me?

I am bad, corrupt, evil, a devil

to taint and steal children-

corrupt and tempt youths;

to preach about on Sunday,

and cast away, out of church-

tell me again, how much you love me?

I do not deserve,

a place at your god’s table-

he is your god, I am a sinner;

and you his priest, to preach his love

Strange love that you preach;

love stilled in hate,

loud in spit, low in touch,

tell me again how I love to hate,

and you love to love

tell me again… please?

©GayUganda 16 July 2009


Dee said...

Oh what a heart touching poem!!

I know how you feel my brother but do you know who that is that hates you?? It is he who makes you believe what is wrong, he that touche syour eyes so you dont see the truth, he that makes you believe you were born gay when your creator made you a man to be a man not 'womanish'.

Surely this i know that if GOD wanted you playing the role of a woman in this world and especially in sex, He would have given you female features my dear.
Do you for sure believe He forgot or made a mistake? Definitely not.

I LOVE YOU but you know what, JESUS' love for you cant be compared to any love of this world. Think about it!!

gayuganda said...


I used to hate it when people came to me convinced that they knew what was best for me.
that was when I was a child.

Now that I am an adult, I look at it with pity. How can you believe that you know what is best with my life? Surely!

A gay person is a human being. He may be a Christian, Moslem, anamist, or something else. This one is a non-believer. Wonder where your Jesus comes in....!

gayuganda said...

Sorry upendi.

Didnt realise you had not read the poem. My apologies.

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