Thursday, July 23, 2009

HIV and Gay Africans

This is getting some play in the world media and blogosphere. True.

Needs to be emphasized that the homophobes are actually driving the lack of HIV services for gay Africans. Back, about two years back, I quoted Ssempa here.

In Uganda, Martin Ssempa is known as an HIV campaigner, fierce, advocating for 'Abstinence' Want to know what dear, loving Martin Ssempa talks about HIV prevention for Gay Ugandans? And he is a very influential man, with the ear of the First Lady, another Abstinence and Anti-Condom campaigner. He has gone to Capitol Hill in the US to claim that his programmes are to be accredited for the fall in Uganda's HIV rates. Back in the days of Bush...

This is what dear, loving, Martin Ssempa said. A man who says he loves gay human beings. Is a Pastor who witchunts gay pastors to cleanse the church, and makes inter-religious alliances to 'Kick homosexuality out of Uganda'

When we demonstrated in 2007 at the Implementers meeting, we were asking for an HIV prevention programme. This is what was reported about Ssempa's reaction to that.

Indeed, he wanted to sue the UNAIDS for not treating us like the criminals we are. Surely!

Anti-gay activist Martin Ssempa said Uganda needs to send a clear message to homosexuals that they are engaging in a suicidal and un-natural risk that fuels HIV and other infections such as hepatitis.

“These people are just looking at ways of legitimising their practice, which is illegal and deviant in our society,” said Pastor Ssempa. “Our previous experience showed us that bringing homosexuals into campaigns against HIV only gives them a chance to propagate their illegal and unnatural acts.”

Dont need to write more, do I? Of course I love the guy. He is a gift that gives, and continues giving...!


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