Thursday, July 23, 2009

I know what your heart is

Before, my mind was a storm
tumultuous, of tortured emotions
they tore through me, swinging, no campus-
they choked me up, swung me from tears
wild laughter, swinging colours, and back.

Then we talked-

It was cool, high on a terrace
soft darkness of night, cut by the noise of
electric lights and cars, occasional train
We sat alone, together and probed
the depth of my wounds, pain.

It was painful, frank; the anesthetic alcohol,
It was opening, free; I saw deep into you,
you probed into me, we

Now life, though tumultuous, is settled
a calm, not terrible, but steady-
the strength of a rock, solid, certain
for I know what your heart is, and you know mine.

©GayUganda 23 Jul 09


Princess said...

That's a pretty big statement there, "I know what your heart is."
Can we ever really be sure of anyone else?

gayuganda said...


Princess. Of course. How can that ever be? No one can know anothers heart. That is an absolute?


But then, who ever said that love is logical? Or that poetry and emotions need to be?

And is life always absolutes? Would be pretty dull if we were to always be sure of our absolutes...!

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