Friday, July 10, 2009

Homosexual students to be expelled from school

First published: 20090709 8:23:40 AM EST

By Richards Wasswa, Ultimate Media

The District Education Officer of Kawempe Division, Haji Kibedi Nkutu has urged all parents in Uganda to spare some time and caution their own children on issues of homosexuality which of recent have become a big concern in Uganda.

Kebedi says that it has come to his understanding that there are some organized groups of people who are behind promoting acts of homosexuality in Ugandan and that their prime target are young people who are in school.

He says that these notorious groups are owned and dominated by foreigners who have a lot of money that they use to seduce young people to join acts homosexuality and lesbianism.

Kebedi says that he will not sit and wait to see the young who are the future of the nation get swallowed up by homosexuality and lesbianism, but will ensure whichever student identified as homo is chased out of school of school.

However, pro gay rights activities who say homosexuality is a natural occurrence and not taught to a person have in the recent past expressed concern that such indiscriminate deionization of homosexuals might force many gay students to abandon school or make many children to be suspended from school for being suspected to be gay.

Efforts to get the official position of the government on the matter were not successful by press time. Homosexuality is illegal according to Uganda's laws.

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