Saturday, July 25, 2009


Beautiful day, Saturday.

Morning was overcast. Since the rain drizzle the other day, has been kind of mild. The dust still is, lifting with the dull wind, touching the leaves, though it is less now. Bright, beautiful sun, golden, the tree shadows soft, inviting.

Suddenly realized that there is less fascination with my sexuality in the news these days.

But, fact is, seems as if there are more kuchus out there. We are hanging out, openly… At least as openly as we dare. Seems as if the awareness in the media has not hurt us. Yesterday, out, Friday evening. Crowd good, music mediocre, beer flowing.

Lover mine was feeling randy, touching me up till I had to caution him. Damn, we are in Uganda! Kampala, and though I expect Nsaba Buturo is asleep at such an (ahem) ungodly hour, I don’t want to be lynched. Quite a crowd, and many gay…! Ha!

Lover mine was blowing kisses at me. One guy, chatting up a lady, managed to catch him at it. Saw him.

I was horrified when I realized. Immediately started acting the ‘straight’ unknowing dude. Hell, you know the drill.

The guy laughed.

Yes, he just laughed. Passing us as he goes to the loos, he manages to greet us. Like he knew us. Didn’t even seem to comment to the girl about the weirdos hanging out next to them. I was surprised. Asked my lover, he confessed didn’t know him…

And, on way out, lover mine returned the favour. Wished him a good night.

Funny country.

Good news out there. Saw this story.

Lesbian couple celebrate 70th anniversary

By Staff Writer, • July 21, 2009 - 17:05

The couple will celebrate 70 years together

A lesbian couple in Florida are celebrating their 70th anniversary together.

Caroline Leto, 96, and Venera Magazzu, 97, from Dania Beach, will celebrate the landmark anniversary on August 17th.

In an interview with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, they told how they had to keep their relationship secret for years.

"You just couldn't tell everyone we were lovers," said Leto. "You tell people we're friends, and some thought we were sisters."

The couple met in 1939 at a party and moved in together in New York a year later, telling only close family and and a handful of friends about their relationship.

They registered as domestic partners in New York in 1996 and subsequently moved to Florida, where they felt able to become involved in the gay and lesbian community.

A party is being planned by local gay group Etz Chaim on the date of their anniversary.

Only comment from me is Wow!!!!!!

Reminder. Must send it to my lover. Kind of sob story stuff that he realy likes. Am the one more likely not to find it terribly significant, but man! That is a real wild ride. 70 years, gosh! And 1939 in New York! Ok, maybe not very different from Kampala 2009 now, but hell! Wow. The superlatives, exclamations can never suffice!

And this one is for my friend WildeY. Vatican heaps praise on Oscar Wilde.. who it once condemned as immoral

Hey, dude, seems as if you are not writing, what’s up with you?

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spiralx said...

Well, you know what they say - even bad publicity is good publicity...!

The "Mugabe effect" in Zimbabwe had something of the same effect - it brought the issue to pubic, sorry, PUBLIC light in a way no amount of careful lobbying would have.

Hopefully the same will eventually able to be said of the appalling 'Yammy Jammy' of The Gambia.

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