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Broadly speaking, in official ‘Uganda’ as shown by Minister Nsaba-Buturo, and Ssempa, the law and rights enshrined in the constitution do not apply to gay Ugandans.
Because they are gay, their rights should be denied. No right to assembly, to advocacy, to presenting their point of view. In a country where the stigma is very much tilted against any gay person who speaks out and embraces his or her sexual orientation, the good minister wants it criminalized to speak out. Because when we speak out, we are promoting the gay agenda. We are doing sin.
But this ‘official’ Uganda forgets that it is a nation in a global village.
FUFA, the Ugandan football association, suspends a coach because of allegations that he made a pass, ‘allegations of sodomy’. And they go ahead and put in place a ‘code of conduct’ to effectively ban homosexuals from the beautiful game.
A ‘good’ Ugandan will exclaim indignantly, ‘we don’t want homosexuals in our game.’
But FUFA is part of FIFA. And that international body has taken a specific stand against discrimination. Racial discrimination, but also on sexual orientation.
Thanks to anon below for pointing this one out to me.
So, what will FUFA do?
Are they, (god help us) going to soil the beautiful game by including homosexual Ugandans? god forbid! Here is the article. Is going to be fun to know FUFA’s response.

FIFA demand explanation over FUFA anti-gay letter, sanctions could follow
Thursday, 02 July 2009 15:15 Joe Powell

Uganda Talks can exclusively reveal that the governing body of world football, FIFA, has written to the Uganda Football Federation (FUFA) demanding an explanation “regarding recent media reports of an apparent FUFA campaign against homosexual related acts”. Article 6 of the FIFA Code of Ethics bans discrimination of all kinds. Rogers Mulindwa, a FUFA spokesman, recently said of the subject: "We totally condemn it. We want evidence to pin the people involved – it’s here that we will start the clean up." The state minister for sport, Charles Bakabulindi, confirmed that any player, official or coach involved in sodomy would be banned from the sport.

The row has the potential to become world news if FIFA threaten Uganda with sanctions. These could involve a fine, being forced to play international matches behind closed doors or even suspension from the world game. On June 28 The Scotsman newspaper reported that Cranes coach Bobby Williamson “could lose his job…unless he signs a form condemning gays.” Williamson himself is quoted as saying: “There has been a lot of talk about homosexuality in the game in Uganda and I’ve heard stories, although I have no evidence of it. What I do know is that politicians and football officials seem strongly against it. What I will say is that you have to abide by the law of the land in whatever country you happen to be working in.”

The New Vision reported today that FUFA have indefinitely banned Charles ‘Mbuzi’ Ayieko from coaching over "sodomy allegations".


Picked this from an incredulous Scottish paper. The shenigans concerning homosexuality in Uganda must be pickling some people funny!

African edict could leave some feeling sick as a parrot
By Derek Lord

Published: 03/07/2009

THE expression “It’s a funny old game” has just taken on a somewhat different meaning for former Kilmarnock and Hibernian football manager Bobby Williamson, who is currently coaching the Ugandan national squad.

Fufa, the ruling body of Ugandan football, has announced that all football managers in the country must sign a code of conduct as part of a crackdown on homosexuality in the beautiful game.

This has left poor Bobby with a bit of a quandary. If he signs on the dotted line, he will be falling foul of Fifa’s anti-discrimination laws. Fifa was quick to challenge the stance taken by the Ugandan authorities, claiming that the Africans had broken the international code of conduct that bans any form of discrimination but, since homosexuality is still outlawed in Uganda, it is unlikely that the Ugandans will pay much attention to the demands of their more politically-correct European brothers.

I seem to remember some of Africa’s Church leaders causing a similar sort of stooshie over the ordination of homosexual clergy in this part of the world, so it’s hardly surprising that their opposite numbers in the world of football should display these homophobic tendencies.

Their anti-gay stance could cost them dearly, as Fifa has the power to make them play their games behind closed doors or even ban them from any involvement in international football if they go ahead with their petition.

Williamson says he hasn’t been asked to sign anything so far, but he seems to be hedging his bets. He has pointed out that people living and working in a country must respect that country’s laws. If and when he returns to the Scottish football scene, he might find that this argument won’t save him from a Fifa red card.

It seems that the whole thing kicked off when a Ugandan player accused a coach of getting up close and personal in the changing rooms after a game.

Mind you, when you see the carry on when players in any part of the world score a goal, it’s perhaps understandable that the Ugandan authorities are a wee bit suspicious. All that kissing, hugging and jumping on each other’s backs is bound to set off alarm bells in the minds of men who have been conditioned to look for signs of homosexuality in any given situation.

It must pose a bit of a problem for football pundits on Ugandan television when commenting on the prowess of a player. Any reference to a footballer being light on his feet could see the poor guy locked up for the rest of the season and beyond.

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Poor man to be suspended. What a sad world. Uganda gays I salute you.

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