Thursday, July 9, 2009

FUFA vs FIFA...2

Thought the news had not got to FUFA. But maybe it did...

Anyway, in a story 'Gay activists want Uganda banned' the New Vision spreads that story further. Last night, the FUFA weekly press conference was in the news. What seemed to have been newsworth seemed more about the fight against homosexuality in the beautiful game. Didnt see the question asked, nor the answer, unless this excerpt below is the answer.

My countrymates are way out homophobic. Dont think FIFA will be able to make them back down, but interesting to see how it plays out, ultimately.

FUFA president Lawrence Mulindwa warned that they will not stop the drive against homo sexaulity. He called on the public to help in fighting the vice by volunteering information.

Mulindwa, who addressed the FUFA PostBank weekly press conference Mengo yesterday, said that his administration needed evidence to fight the habit infesting Ugandan soccer.

He denied allegations that he masterminded sodomy allegations against Ayieko for political and publicity reasons. “Why should I go for small fish (Ayieko)?” Mulindwa wondered.


Anonymous said...

I HATE HOMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gayuganda said...

Wow, Serakelz

that is nice and honest. Very refreshing.

So, why do you hate me? It seems a visceral, instinctual feeling which you are not ashamed of sharing. But I dont know you, you dont know me. Or that is what I hope. Why do you hate me so visciously?

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