Thursday, July 9, 2009

Take war to the homosexuals

A columnist using his popularity and power to gay bash. And effectively out does Ssempa.

It is an old article, but since its effects still are roiling through Ugandan football, I will post it here. Funny thing is that I can claim acquitance with the writer. And he does think, or believe that we must be friends! Wonder how long that would last revelation of my sexuality??????!!!!!

I must be 'charitable' and say that he is just parroting what is considered to be 'common sense'. But he does it to insult his intelligence. Read, and understand, how 'homosexuality' has 'destroyed' Uganda football. At least according to Aldrine Nsubuga, and a whole lot of Ugandan football fans and public.

Warning, you may be nauseated...

Take war to the homosexuals

Aldrine Nsubuga

LAST Sunday, I tickled listeners of Ekyoto ky’emizannyo on Dembe FM when I suggested to them that time has come for football to disown and banish players and officials with homosexual inclinations from our training fields, stadiums and football corridors permanently.

Caller after caller agreed and they added that it ought to be the fans duty to ensure the implementation of this new resolve. Congratulations to the new Kakungulu Cup champions SC Villa, who hadn’t won a title since 2004.Better late than never.

Research as to why SC Villa have struggled though reveals a heart-breaking account. Over the last five seasons Villa has heavily relied on players who have steadily progressed from their youth system but whether by design, coincidence or mere accident, a high-ranking club official turned these same youngsters into girlfriends and, in some cases, even wives.

Every star became not just a target but a kill for this official with animalistic instincts. At least 2 coaches with the same monstrous behavior were recruited by the club and the problem descended into an orgy.

One by one, star players started seeking more humane alternatives but the wholesome converts into the un-natural practice elected to stay and serve their husbands.

Riled, insulted and embarrassed, the more dignified Haji Omar Mandela and Tushar Rupareila opted to relinquish their active managerial roles in the club and focus on their businesses.

They deserve life-time achievement awards. Their poor and undignified counterparts insisted that the homosexual’s sick money, though soiled with refuse, was still more important to the club!!

Villa lost their better players and watched as their stars deteriorated by the day. Shockingly, one of the two allegedly homosexual coaches has risen through the ranks at FUFA and the other, we are told, was caught with his pants down during the inter-regional tournament in the north.

That FUFA has known this all along but still only stopped at threatening disciplinary action is perhaps the biggest problem.

Every club knows which players and officials are homosexual. FUFA should blacklist all these and ban them from football activity.

The accused should be the ones to prove their innocence not the other way around. Believe me a quick appointment with any doctor will easily help in either absolving or condemning them. We don’t need eye witness accounts.

No player or official known to practice this vice must be allowed anywhere near football. In fact, a full list of all these should be circulated in the sports media fraternity so that the public can gain insightful knowledge.

And FUFA? Can they ever do anything right? Stop the threats and act including against your own.

Published on: Saturday, 27th June, 2009

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