Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Issues With Homosexuality

Moses Banturaki13 July 2009

At first there was a man on TV saying he had seen the light and repented, and soon after told of a recruiting drive in schools.

Then there were a couple of high profile pastors and some boys counter accusing each other.

Most recently, a football coach was almost lynched by boys who he had 'touched' inappropriately. Soon it was a subject of every public discussion. Apparently it is present in our 'unspoilt' society and maybe for much longer than we care to admit. But should we really be collectively stressed by homosexuality?

Malaria kills six children a day you know. So where are our priorities?

To put it in perspective, a football coach bedding a 23-year-old player of the same sex is not a story about how our society is coming to an end. It is a story of two consenting adults, period. The only way we can judge this relationship as wrong is for us to stand on some moral high ground and therefore expose ourselves to questions about our own morality. Before we all get carried away then let us remember that there is poor remuneration, poor management and under funding to contend with in football. So can we all please just calm down.

On a personal level though I think homosexuality is improper and I am neither homophobic nor a religious zealot. I just happen to believe that everything beneath and beyond the stars is purposefully designed by God and anyone who is familiar with the Human sexual anatomy (which is most of you) will appreciate that this preference between members of the same sex is a contradiction of the Creator's original intention.

However it is not up to me to decide what others should do. And neither should you, no matter how much you would rather have homosexuals dressed up in fluorescent bibs for easier identification and victimisation.

But just because I think we were all created with free will, does not mean it makes me comfortable when someone attempts to influence my children's choices.

If I must respect the right of people to bed whoever they fancy then they must respect my right to disagree with their orientation campaigns.

For all I care people can fancy goats, just don't recruit my children into it, because I just don't see this as a shining example of goodness. So if you don't mind allow me to educate my own children, thank you.

So for me the issue is not that gay people are invading our society or being discriminated against. It is that we should always guard against one man's freedom inconveniencing another's.

So when some homosexuals start recruiting in our schools and churches like they are an army marching on to war I have cause for concern. As a guardian of my children I am obliged to ensure that they don't take direction from a stranger in a fake suit and an accent to match, most especially if he/she is promising the good life in exchange for sexual orientation. Go ahead and call me a gay 'basher', but until my children are of age I shall remain responsible for the lifestyle choices they make - and those choices shall not include homosexuality, sorry.

Can we therefore close this matter? The homosexuality in our football clubs is a matter of choice between two consenting adults. What we should really worry about is this literature and money going around convincing our 12-year-olds on what moral choices to make.

Let everyone who doesn't fancy the influence of these perverts (gay or straight) stand up and say no!


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