Wednesday, July 22, 2009


UGANDA TALKS EXCLUSIVE: FUFA deceiving FIFA over anti-gay campaign?


Uganda Talks can today exclusively reveal the lengths to which the Ugandan Football Federation (FUFA) is going to avoid censor from world football governing body FIFA. FIFA wrote to FUFA at the beginning of July demanding an explanation for the latter’s anti-gay campaign, an offence for which Uganda could have been suspended from international football.

Our sources at FIFA headquarters in Zurich have now informed us that FUFA have replied to the letter. FIFA told us the following:

“FIFA has received a letter from FUFA which clarified a number of issues related to recent media reports in Uganda. FUFA confirmed that the national team Coach has not been forced to sign any document, and FUFA also confirmed that there is no code of conduct for the Coaches Association where any reference to homosexuality is made.

FUFA also confirmed that they are not investigating, discriminating or subordinating any Coach, and that FUFA respects FIFA's Statutes.

Following this correspondence, FIFA responded by reminding FUFA of article 3 of the FIFA Statutes which condemns any kind of discrimination on account of ethnic origin, gender, language, religion, politics or any other reason, a principle which is shared by FIFA's Member Associations.”

Football followers in Uganda will know, however, that FUFA has indefinitely suspended coach Charles ‘Mbuzi’ Ayieko over sodomy allegations. They will also know that the Coaches Association are planning to amend their code of conduct to include an anti-homosexuality clause. Finally FUFA President Lawrence Mulindwa is quoted by the New Vision on 3 May 2009 as saying:

“It is not natural. Let’s fight those beasts. They are killing talent. If someone comes out to testify against such people we shall ban them from football.”

The situation raises some serious questions. Could it be that FIFA are reluctant to investigate the issue for fear of upsetting member countries in the Middle East? Or have FUFA managed to cover up their anti-gay campaign to preserve Uganda’s participation in international football?

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