Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Styles of Christianity

UPDATE 01 Aug 09
Seems the words of Ronan didnt please anyone.... So the controversy continues to seeth. See here

Uh, the words are not mine, but those of the Archbishop of Canterbury…. Course, he is talking about the Anglican communion and gay Anglicans. This is a very interesting story. From beginning through its evolution, it has been interesting.

I don’t count myself an Anglican. Just an interested other…

A ‘two track’ Church, or ‘two styles of being Anglican’, one gay bashing, the other including gay human beings in the highest of church offices. Amazing thing, this Church. But I liked this best. Archbishop Williams insisted that the issue should not be debated “in apocalyptic terms of schism and excommunication but plainly as what they are — two styles of being Anglican.”

Nuances. Shades of meaning.

Ok, English is not my mother tongue. Learnt it as a second language, use it most, granted, but I am no expert. But my interpretation is in the apocalyptic terms. Black is white, and not black but white…
Maybe you should read the article yourself. Here it is.

Shh, wonder what a person like Ssempa would think of this heretical view of the Church of Christ? Funny, I dont realy wonder what Christ himself would think of it. Kind of sure I know, but Ssempa?

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Orokie friend. said...

I think you might want to read Afriboy, the blog, Gug.

Leonard said...

It took me FOUR readings of ++Rowan (and usually more) to figure this thing´s not his best work but he does continue to boggle minds and dampen spirits wherever he goes...almost nobody is satisfied with this whitewashed nonsense...wait, he´s not seen the end of this mess! Unfortunately the man is no leader, spiritual or otherwise...I don´t even think he´s much a nice guy but a snide Archbishop of Canterbury from Wales.

spiralx said...

No - he's genuine enough. But he's an academic, who likes exploring and including if possible. He's an official Druid in the Welsh tradition as well, remember.

Jesus talked with, and included, (ex)prostitutes and (ex) tax-gatherers in his motley band. Both the lowest of the low in his day.

Others,of course, don't include, and won't. Exclusive rights seem to be their motto. That puts them outside what I understand by true Christianity.

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