Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sodomy War

Crusade. War on Sodomy. Kicking homosexuality out of Uganda.

This article was back in June, history, with regards to today’s quickly moving events. But I like the illustration of the Church’s priorities… This is how God’s Holy Warriors, the Anti-gay Crusaders do battle against the vice in Uganda. The US has its anti-gay church of holy warriors. The guy is called Phelps? The one who was denied entry into Britain. (Which reminds me, why don’t we request that dear Ssempa is not allowed that sceptred isle? He may not find it funny!). Ssempa is our Phelps. And the holy associates are Steven Langa, Solomon Male, Michael Kyazze. God bless them.

Tongue in cheek. Hope your Sunday is a good one. Enjoy it. And don’t you bash any homosexuals!

By Mask Admin

UGANDA – 05 June 2009: The fight against gay church leaders is on in Uganda, led by top anti-gay Pastors Martin Sempa, Solomon Male and Michael Kyazze.

According to media reports these Pastors say they have received about 150 complaints from alleged sodomy victims who claim to have been abused by a number of church leaders.

While Uganda’s gay community is skeptical about the validity of this claim, the anti-gay religious group says it won’t reveal the names of victims because they are protecting them from the police who had earlier terrorised and intimidated young boys who accused Pastor Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre for sodomising them.

Sempa also revealed to a Ugandan tabloid that more Pastors have been accused of sodomy and will soon be shamed.

“The sodomy storm has forced many victims to come out but we don’t trust these cops”, Sempa told the tabloid.

Kyazze said “we are not going to keep quiet until those sinners are exposed. We have a big picture and when our confidence in our [police] force grows, we are going to break the news.”

Meanwhile the anti gay trio allegedly held a prayer outside Uganda’s Central Police Station as Kyazze testified to reports that Pastor Kayanja had been abusing young boys.

They are also planning to organize an anti-homo crusade at Lugogo that will take 40 days of fasting and prayer.

“We are going to wear black clothes to show our grief for the nation. We will pray to God to heal the nation of child sacrifice and homosexuality”, Sempa said.



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