Sunday, July 26, 2009

Long Awaited...

Apparently, coming, at long last, this week...!

Anti-gay Bill comes to Parliament

By Raymond Baguma

THE Government will next week table the anti-pornography and anti- homosexuality draft laws before Parliament, ethics minister Dr. James Nsaba Buturo has said.

Buturo told journalists at the Media Centre on Friday: “The bills are ready and I will present them before Parliament next week. We are excited about it and our opponents, too, are excited.”

Once passed into law, the bills will radically address pornographic and homosexual practices and boost the Government’s efforts to rid the country of immorality, he remarked.

Buturo said: “This is a response to what we consider dangerous to our society. We have been anxious for this.”

He, however, declined to reveal the penalties against the offenders.

Buturo said there was foreign pressure against the anti-gay legislation, but the Government was ready to resist it.

“We have told our foreign friends to mind their own business. Ugandans have their values and principles,” he said.

Recently, Buturo said that once the two bills are passed into law, it will be an offence to publish and distribute literature on homosexuality.

He also said it would become impossible for homosexuals to address press conferences and attract people to support their cause.

Responding to reports that sex workers at the ongoing National agricultural Show in Jinja want stalls to attract clients, Buturo said: “They do not deserve space, they need assistance.”

Published on: Saturday, 25th July, 2009


Unknown said...

damn please keep us abreast, if u could get your hands on the hasards or the parliamentary proceedings.

Man it looks frightening


Leonard said...

Some are sicker than others and the Minister with the Mostest Sickest is amongst the sickest of the lot...imagine, this frothing, dudely dud actually gets all ¨stimulated¨ and ¨jazzed¨ (I bet he salivates heavily at the mention of persecution) when reporting on his pending ¨reading¨ of crude, brutal and ignorant human rights legislation against LGBT citizens...what a mess the likes of overbloated Henri Orombi have made for their fellow human beings...they are the criminals and accessories to the CRIME of initiating HATE, DISCRIMINATION and blatant BIGOTRY and the truly IRONIC/DEADLY PART is that is THEY who are IMPORTING EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL SICKNESS to UGANDA!

Anonymous said...

The proposed legislation is an effort to rid the country of immorality.
HYPOCRITES! When will they learn and stop deceiving the people.
Corruption is immoral!
Injustice is immoral!
Power-hugging, as Museveni and other African leaders perpetuate, is utterly immoral!
How on earth can people mired in immorality cleanse the land of immorality?

Gay Nigerian

Anonymous said...

Nothing good should come yo way.

Suffer all yu bloody faggots.

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