Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pensive mood.



I am gay. Thus, blessed with thought, and thinking, and meditation.


Better use some of the blessing that I do actually have. Apparently, in the US, one of the Cardinals is blaming homosexuals for the fact that the Pope has been hiding paedophiles. How original! Maybe Steve Langa, Martin Ssempa and Bahati would give him lessons in what specifically to blame homosexuals for. Including terror, and other things. We are the original scapegoats. The new 'Jews', not so?


But, as a human being, I was thinking of the riot over 'Holy Week' that the Catholic church is facing. They are reacting like politicians, defensively. Interesting to watch. Logically, they should own up, and come groveling like the English King who had an archbishop killed, albeit unintentionally.


There is a groundswell of anger that I read in the comments of believers. Non-believers like me are like, 'I told you so,', vindicated.. But, true believers are betrayed.


So, will the Catholic church apologise?


Interesting wait I have on my hands.


In the rhetoric to condemn and defend the indefensible, I try to find a middle ground, where I can think without being overwhelmed by the vibes from left or right. Sure, we are all human beings. And, we all fail. So?


We fall, we pick ourselves up, we walk on. Big deal.


Someone has the bit in his mouth. No, not Tutu. But, seems those who think that misrepresenting the Bill is the way to spread mis-information.  So, why don't they post the Bill to their websites? Uh?


Because they are lying. They know they are lying. But, to spin spin for spin's sake, they will lie through their Christian teeth, like Ssempa lies. Pretty damning in the way. So, if you hear of someone like Linda Harvey supporting the bill, take it out, and ask her whether she has read it. (Or, wait for her to confirm that she has, then take it out) and clause by clause, read it. After all, they are for truth, aren't they? Misrepresented? Ok, then link to the bill, and show how it has been misrepresented.


We have gone far. Actually, we have moved a lot since the bill became a Bill in the parliament of Uganda.

We have very far to go. Still.

But, that doesn't distract from how perfect, and imperfect our world is.


To all Christians, friends and foe out there, my wishes for you to have a good Easter holiday and prayers. [chuckle, chuckle, now I do remember that Ssempa did start off Lent showing gay porn in Church. On Ash Wednesday!!!!]


But, a great, and good Easter celebration.





Leonard said...

Thanks gug, extra big hugs for you and loving partner.


Colin Coward said...

Gug, thanks for your Easter wishes my friend, it's been a strange Lent since Ssempa kicked it off with his porn show and now the Catholics end it with outrage that anyone should criticise them for having paedophile priests. There's an almighty row going on here because Rowan Williams dared to criticise the Irish Catholics - I've blogged about it. I pray for you every morning, gay or straight, atheist agnostic or believer, we're all the same to God if she's around! Blessings!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can only say with the greaest disappointment that I suspect my son and his wife support the Bill. He refuses to answer if asked a simple yes/no question on his involvement with the torture, imprisionment, or killing of gays and lesbians in Uganda. He just says 'He is doing God's work'. They are both Born Again's (Right Wing Nuts as I call them) in Colorado and he has been to Uganda twice and each time returns to a lavish home and $150K employment. What's wrong with this picture?

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