Friday, April 9, 2010

A Round Up.

Cannot help but be so. Too much news that I have not been looking into.

Bishop Ssenyonjo is the Bay area.

Oasis California invites you to join Bishop Marc and Sheila Andrus as they welcome The Rt. Rev. Christopher Senyonjo to the Bay Area. Bishop Senyonjo is the retired bishop of Western Buganda and the chaplain to Integrity, Uganda. The reception will run from 6 to 8 PM Sunday, May 23, 2010 in the Andrus' home at 2006 Lyons Street, San Francisco, California.

I sometimes wonder why we do have allies who are straight. I don't question my lack of courage…. I mean, I might be a mouse, but when I am in a corner, and fighting a lion, I hope against hope and fight with the desperation of the one who has nothing else to lose. Straight allies? They lose everything, almost, like Ssenyonjo, just because they identify in the same cause with us.

He is an elderly man. In his old age he made a stand on principle, and the his world collapsed around him. Courage? I hope I once get to be that courageous when it is not on MY own behalf.


Is there a political purpose to the anti-homosexuality bill? Of course. 

I have listed the reasons. Not very strategic to say these things, but… I am also a Ugandan. There is a palsy around corruption in Uganda at the moment.

The Vice-President has been netted by a Parliament committee in a corruption scandal which would tear down any government. So has the Minister of Defence, and others. And, what does the President do? Claim that the opposition would be even more corrupt! In other words, bear with us. We are bad, but, you don't really want any worse?

Of course the populace doesn't believe in that. So, with frustration turning into spitting on the president in public (Why the hell is he so openly fighting one tribal group?), it was necessary to have a uniting cause, behind the ruling party. So, the anti-homosexuality bill. Popular? Of course. Quasi 'Private members', but actually all part of a big whole. Strategy backfired, and the president was caught up by the same fires that he had storked. What amazed me was the virtual hijacking of the country's foreign policy for the two months immediately after the bill was first tabled. Bahati, Buturo, Ssempa…. they were the official spokespeople, till the Foreign affairs ministry rebelled. So, a political purpose? Of course.

Wanna read more? Now is the point to accept that I picked the title off another's blog post. Which you can read here. 


Talk of redundant laws, but I didn't know that California still had a law for research into the causes of homosexuality, and its cure. And, of course the British had Section 28 which was repealed. Kind of puts the Bahati Bill into perspective. (Ahem). Real difference with Bahati? Genocide is not really politically correct! Poor Bahati- neither is it really Christian to advocate for incarceration of someone because they are having sex between men or between women in the privacy of one's house. Where went the Jesus's spirit of tolerance? Did Jesus actually want to take over Ceasar's mantle? Or not?


If you really want to read the stupidity of the Pastor wars that have been happening in Uganda, read this. 

It was first in the red rug. I hate that piece of nonsense so much that I didn't quote it here. It is about Kayanja, who Ssempa and Co, the anti-sodomy pastors accuse of sodomy. And, then comes the rich story of Benny Hinn seeking divorce. The day before, the red rug ran a front page story accusing Benny Hinn of 'bonking' or 'being shafted' by a prominent Ugandan pastor. So, on the day that the article quotes, the anti-sodomy pastors (who are facing a court case of defarmation, for paying money to some boys to accuse Pastor Kayanja of sodomy), they were in high spirits. And, they were happily mentioning Kayanja as Benny Hinn's bunkmate.

Are these Christian Pastors?

I leave that to you. They do claim that they are. Here is an excerpt.


Male and Kyazze, while at Mwanga II Court yesterday, shouted on top of their voices the name of the sodomised pastor as they held copies of yesterday's Red Pepper which carried a screaming headline 'BENNY HINN SODOMISED KAMPALA PASTOR'.

Pastor Male shouted: "We know him, we know the pastor who was sodomised. He is Pastor… Very soon his wife will also divorce him."

In an exclusive interview with this tabloid, Male revealed that he was not surprised to hear that Benny Hinn sodomised Pastor… because it was not the first time.

Frankly, these guys make me sick. Sick to my stomach that they are Ugandans and that they manage to get away with so much, because they are on an 'anti-homosexuality' campaign. Man, is there no decency? Lies, common smears, showing porn in church. All that is ok. And why? Because they are pastors. On an anti-sodomy witch hunt.

I will sign off. Things to do….


Be well





Diederick said...

Religion is used by many people to give (superficial) meaning to their lives and encourages them to do good. Unfortunately most religions, especially the Abrahamic religions, also tend to corrupt people to do really evil shit.

The GLBT movement all over the world has always had straight allies, because you don't have to be gay in order to see the injustice done to this group of people. Good people are the ones who are beyond living on egoism.

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Now where is that "Doctor Ssempa" when we could use into his brilliant insight into this whole sordid mess?

Has anyone heard from Bahati? Richard Cohen? Scott Lively?

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