Tuesday, March 28, 2023



Venting. Venting, indeed. Just obsessing on the why, for the blog.

What does it mean, being rejected…, again.

No, we kuchus were never ‘accepted’. Not in Uganda.
Certainly not in much of Africa.
Much of the time we push that aside. Frankly, life is too tough, too grinding down rough and tough to obsess on the hate that seems to pervade everything around us.
For a very simple reason. We are (surprisingly) like each and every other Ugandan. And if my loves and lovers don’t mind my loving them…!

What I want to say is that it is so tough being Ugandan in the day to day economic grind that we forget that we are different.

Until we are faced by hate codified into law.

Here is part of the bill, now awaiting the President of the Republic’s assent. And, yes, of course it will become law.



Clause 2. The Offence of homosexuality

(1)          A Person commits the offence of homosexuality if the person-

(d) holds out as a lesbian, gay, transgender, a queer or any other sexual or gender identity that is contrary to the binary categories of male and female.

(2)         A person who commits an offence under this section is liable, on conviction, to imprisonment for ten years.


You know, the sex stuff I kind of expected. Our past colonial masters, the British, were quite unaware of what truly constitutes homosexuality. They thought it was only anal sex between men! That outdated law needs replacing. Nevermind that it took more than 60 years..

Homosexuality as defined in Uganda, by Ugandans..,
Also includes any identity that dares to challenge traditional heterosexual binary definitions of male and female.


I guess saying here that I am gay…
Well, I guess the language in the law must mean what it says. No?
So, I am a gay Ugandan. Means that I am liable to be imprisoned for ten years. Just because I admit that I am gay. Or queer. Or Kuchu.

What if I say that I am Gay, Kuchu, Queer and Proud?

Oh, the bill has made provision for that. For serial offenders like me who have a high recidivism rate, as serial offenders, the crime is ‘Aggravated Homosexuality’. The punishment is ., ahem; only ten years. [Uh, need to see that bill again]

I guess I should point out that there is a mistake in that…, last time it was life imprisonment. Or death?

Lil Nas X is making some waves. He heard of gays in Africa and wanted to err, visit. Maybe Uganda. He is a beautiful, beautiful person. Just check out this pic.

Flamboyant, indeed.

But, what if he visits?
In that regalia, at Entebbe International. Blowing and glowing a pretty pink.
We might forget that he is African-(American); drop the American part and welcome him in with cuffs. [Ahem, ahem, dirty mind!]

Good laugh that, how would he be welcomed at Entebbe? Would he draw a crowd? Would they start throwing stones? You know, stone them all, a scriptural accurate mandate.

Oh well, we Ugandans are known for our hypocrisy. If we were not known for it, Lil Nas X might go straight to Ugandan prison for the crime of ‘Aggravated Homosexuality’, Ugandan definition. No jump out of jail card, until he is reformed.., to the correct ‘binary’ definitions.

You shine, Lil Nas X. Be well, and just continue glowing!



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