Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pedestals of Pride

You believe I don’t-

understand you, that is;

for the gulf of years, knowledge, power

in between the two;

You believe the quick, rapid fire words,

doubting your eyes, the hunger and pain in mine;

You’re deaf; blind and deaf

to my bleeding heart, for my stronger words-

Lord, can you not look, see

beyond that fragile shield of pride?

that wall; thick looking, brittle-

to that dam of mortal pain?

I can’t break your pride-

mine’s a suit of armor

to hide my soul, bathed in salt;

Look love, the world’s short, time’s brief

can we not, one the other’s pride unclothe-

stand together, both naked in our skins?

Will we the love of our lives, demean, destroy,

on our proud pedestals of pride?

©GayUganda 30 Aug. 2008


Princess said...

This is loaded with layers of meaning.
I'm afraid it has escaped me though.Explain?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

It kept getting to me (part of which I pushed away...don't know why...maybe extra sensitive?).

angelin said...

A whole world is mimed and voiced, from the whip of an angling rod to the fuzzle of a cappuccino dispenser, and the result is not naturalism, but a dainty, homosocial reality where everything is mechanically just so.

gayuganda said...

Hi Angelin,

must say I have totally not understood what you wrote!!!!! Just wondering whether it is praise or criticism!

Anyway, does not actually matter.

Princess. Think of a fight. A fight as between a couple. Dont have to say more, do I?

Leonardo, for some reason, it affects me like so too!

spiralx said...

I liked it! Hope you two get through it, as you have so many times before!

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