Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dedicated to Ssempa

Yes, believe me.

I am dedicating this post to Pastor Martin Ssempa. Anti-gay nemesis of Uganda. The man who, even before homosexuality in Uganda was a political hot button and homophobia a vote getter, the man who was obsessed enough to pursue an anti-gay campaign.

I am dedicating it to the 'Inter-Faith Rainbow coalition against Homosexuality in Uganda'. I believe that is the full name. For which Ssempa is the official spokesperson, and Isaac Eyalama the mobiliser.

I dedicate it to all the anti-gay people who have come and debated me in the name of love, which I call hate.

I dedicate it to Kiwewesi. Poor guy, you may find meaning on your journey in life.

I dedicate it to Kimbowa, Tovi, and all members of Pastor Ssempa's Makerere University Community Church, bastion of the fight against homosexuality in Uganda.


why should I dedicate something to people who will never, ever read it?

Because, Kimbowa, Tovi, Nevender, when I say you hate me, you do not understand why I say so. When I say you persecute me, you do not understand what I mean by that. You hold your holy books and bring them down, in a passion of holy fury. Hating me, but that hate blinded to believe that it is love.

Well, you do not believe my journey. And I have written bits and pieces of it here, enough to give a few hints. But someone has summarised his journey, his very long journey. One that took years, more than mine has. His struggles and fears, his sexuality and religion.

So, it may be a bit graphical. You are all adults. I dont think my challenge to know a bit of truth about me and my sexuality will embarass you too much. Truth has a cost. Always.

And this truth has a huge cost.

My challenge to you, is that you read of this one man's journey through life.

It is here. A Life of Un-Learning; A Journey to find the Truth

Ok, before I chicken out, I am also dedicating it to a certain, verbose, articulate hater of all things religion, especially Christian... Release that hate, I say. That is, err, you, gug!

Thanks Anthony Venn-Brown. For sharing your story of course.

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