Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To a friend far away... who loves poetry

With real Poetry, the words rarely are plain,

but a blend of colours,

the favored palate unique for each poet, poetess;

yet its more than the plain words that touch-

more; spirit thread, soul essence:

a weave of mind, spirit, and soul,

subtly, or overtly expressive

over and above the words I see;

They are the trellis, the skeleton to uphold,

yet more, they now are an entity-

spirit and soul inseparable;

layers in layers of meaning-

meaning buried in meaning,

a whorled fruit, the leaves to unwrap

revealing more depths, meanings

with each fragile layer touched.

©GayUganda 13 Oct. 08

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gayuganda said...

For some reason, bitterness is clouding my perception. I am feeling too bitter, too sarcastic, for a while.

That is why I do not want to post, why I am not posting. When I see what I write in response to nevender's goading, I do not feel ok...!

Enjoy the poem.

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