Sunday, October 12, 2008

Separate but Equal is not OK

A contrast to the last post, here is a court, a civil court upholding the principle that 'Separate but Equal is not OK'

I dont know a lot of history, but I know that that principle was used a lot to justify segregation in the South of the US. Separate, but equal.

And, in Apartheid South Africa, that was the rallying call. The races could be 'separate but equal'.

In the previous post, a christian in Uganda argues about how sinful my relationship is. My relationship with my lover, my partner of 7 years. He will not countenance that we love one another, me and my partner. And, well, many christians will continue seeing my love as a pervesion.

But a court of law in Connecticut, a state of the US has declined to agree that a relationship like mine, is very different from marriage. Just because I am homosexual. Just because I and my lover are gay.

Kudos to the judges on the Connecticut bench. I may be very far off in Uganda, but I am encouraged. It will not stop the gay bashing in Uganda, the hate speech, and the demonising, but it is something to look forwards to. That, ultimately, the assertion that we are also human is something which the beliefs of some will not hold back. Because we are human. We deserve to be treated as humans.

Kudos to gay people in Connecticut. You have fought a good fight, you have won, Good for you.

Court makes Conn. 3rd state to allow gay marriage

HARTFORD, Conn. - The idea that civil unions could be a satisfying but less contentious substitute to gay marriage was knocked down Friday by Connecticut's Supreme Court.

There is no substitute, the justices ruled 4-3 as they made the state the nation's third to allow same-sex weddings.

The ruling might not have been as earthshaking as the one in Massachusetts that allowed gay marriage for the first time in the U.S., or the one in California that made it legal on the other side of the country and in the nation's most populous state. But it cut into the view that there is some solid middle ground on an issue that has inflamed passions on both sides.

"It's another court saying that separate but equal is not OK," said Edward Stein, a professor at the Cardozo School of Law in New York City. "As state courts start to say this ... gradually, over time, there might be a consensus that emerges."


Leonard said...

Horray for YOU and your LOVED ONE too...Massachusets, California, Conneticut and much of the WORLD salutes you for your courage...the courage ¨to be¨the people that you were created to be.

gayuganda said...

thanks Leonardo.

When will Uganda be on that list...! Well, we can still dream.

And, yes, may the whole world follow.

Unknown said...

As surely as there are men brave enough in Uganda to withstand evil, that day will never come.

gayuganda said...

Poor Nevender,

look at history. Men swore that blacks could never equal whites, in South Africa. In the US.

Men swore that women could never ever have the vote, all over the world.

Empires have sworn those words. Never, ever. Ever.

In the name of god, in the name of holy books, men have fought to hold others as slaves and less than their equals.

poor Nevender, you will not understand history, will you? And, another coincidence, all this swearing was done on the bible, as the word of god. Used to oppress and supress others.


Poor christian, when men who are not christian look at a law and say that it is unfair, and you who is christian cannot see the unfairness of that law, you are indeed a poor christian.

Christian? The writing is on the wall, and you are too blind to see it.

Go read Jesus's railing against Pharisees. Perhaps you will understand something. Perhaps. But, I fear, I doubt you will.

Unknown said...

Why do you point me to Jesus? Why do you never go there yourself?
FYI, I did not swear, I said as long as there are men in this country brave enough, then that day will not come.
And, I am tired of you using things used by Christians to justify your cause: the only one with a right to say you have fought the good fight is Jesus Christ. Writing on the wall, log in the eye...etc

Good fight?!! Homosexuality? Perversion!!! No! That is not a good fight.
Well, I do not mind what you say Jesus says this Joh 6:44 People cannot come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me; and I will raise them to life on the last day.

I am hoping for the glorious day when Jesus will take me with Him. Where will you be?

gayuganda said...

Ha Nevender!

Why do I point you to Jesus? Because I am trying to speak a language you will understand. Remember the time I dared you to learn more about sexuality? Your response was that you would rather not, since, learning more about sexuality would take away your prejudices.

So, I have to talk to you using the language you will understand. Ha ha!!!!

Is swearing bad? So, you did not swear? Hypocrite. Sometimes you do not have to swear to swear. Hypocrite.

I will very assuredly not be in your narrow heaven. Only narrow minded bigots can fit your heaven, and, it is fantastic that I will not be there. If it exists, that is.

But, I sincerely hope that you do not go to hell, with all your hate, and desire to hate, you may find that what you hope for is not what you get.

Again, I am not a believer, so, I am trying to talk a language you can understand...!

Unknown said...

God bless.
I am trusting in His grace for you.Amen.

gayuganda said...


running away? I am disappointed.

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