Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Akinola Christ-like?

I have been seeing this article bandied about. And I thought it is due a quick question.

Is this Christ like?

What does it show of the man Akinola?

Well, it is hard to say, but-
  • He has met few homosexuals. (No, excuse the correction. He has met few admitted homosexuals.) why does he fight them so much?
  • He strongly believes that touching a homosexual would taint him. With what?

    To him, he is fighting the admittance of some lesser humans into a congregation of humans
But the one thing which struck me most when I first read the article was this thought. Would you have found Jesus dead springing back from touching a sinner? This is the guy who was famously censured for 'eating with sinners.' Well, remember that the Archbishop of Uganda told the one of Canterbury that he could not sit down with the Archbishop of the US church.

These are mighty interesting Christians!


Fr. John said...

Thank you so much for your courage and your witness. Are you aware of Integrity/Uganda, the support group for lesbian and gay Anglicans in Uganda? Go to for more information.

Merry Christmas,


gayuganda said...

Hi John+

Yes, I am aware of Integrity Uganda and Bishop Senyonjo. Now, there is a guy who is Christ-like in his ministry.
Not the likes of ++Akinola, and of course ++Orombi who is refusing to sit at table with the US primate.
If there were more in the anglican church like Bishop Senyonjo, willing to stand up for what Christ realy taught of love of sinners, however mistaken they are, the Church would be much stronger. And of course not involved in the current civil war!

gayuganda said...

This guy asks some relevant questions on the same issue. Check here

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