Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Starting this Blog

I have been blogging for a few days now. Created my first blog at my website, Gay Uganda, but soon realised that Yahoo's restriction to 'mature' content can be something to fear. I do not want to lose my blog and thougths and everything all at once, because someone thinks that I should not publish those thougths.
Anyway, I am going to do this. Post here, and at yahoo, in effect have 2, 3 identical blogs running, huh? Will be very interesting, keeping up with all.
But it is so interesting sharing my thoughts with the world that i do not think that I will be stopping any time soon.
Welcome to my blog. If you want to see older blogging thougths, go to my website Gay Uganda, or on my Yahoo 360 page, or anywhere that you think I am. I tend to fly through as an anonymous cyberspacer.



DeTamble said...

Lurker :-)

Osias said...

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