Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Why So much Hate of Homosexuals?

Have been cruising blogs; simple thing when you have a crawler like google alerts doing it for you. One thing that I have been struck with is that even if there may be a homosexual agenda out there (ahem, I am gay, but I am not yet convinced of that!), there is no doubt, at least to me, that there is a definite homophobic agenda out there. What unites is homophobia. And that is the rallying call. But why? The ordinary person in the street is not really hate filled. I mean, a thief will be lynched in Kampala if the police do not get to him fast enough, but not a homosexual. And the average Ugandan may gossip about so and so being homosexual, but they will not get out there to do something about it. Until they are put to it by some people who are really convinced that homosexuality is something that is so evil that it must be protested. A sin worse than any other.

When the SA parliament legalized same sex marriage, it was something barely on the radar for most Ugandans. There were a few letters in the press condemning it, much talk and laughter and gossip, in a by-the-way kind of interest. And of course then Pastor Sempa went on his demonstration to the SA High Commission in Kampala, advocating a boycott of South African trade because they had passed a law legalizing same sex marriage.
Of course Sempa would say that he is not a hating kind of person, but he is the epitome of those who hold the view that homosexuality and homosexuals are a clear and present danger, and need to be confronted with weapons of mass destruction.

Is it hate?
What can I call it? Agape news advocates for children in school not to be defended if they are thought to be gay and bullied. I cannot imagine someone in his senses advocating for bullying like so, because I do have a horror of the hate that children can visit on one another. But someone with that power in his world goes out of his way to say that that is fine?
A politician has to pass the 'litmus' test of being anti-homosexual.
Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria is another interesting hater. Of course to him it is not hate; and I sincerely would not say that he should not exclude us gay people from his religion. That is what religion is; it is always an exclusive club, however one may think of it. But going to the extent of supporting a law that makes it a crime for two gay people to meet anywhere in Nigeria, and impossible for anyone to meet a gay person is extreme. He intimates that gay people are so bad that they should not be. They have no right to live, to be, to say they are. The only place they can be in Nigeria is in prison. Period.
So, is that hate or not?
Of course, such a single issue policy has interesting results. One just does not know how to deal with a person who is ambiguous. Who does not seem to fall in one camp or the other. Who will not hate just like you, and chastises you for your hate, calling it what it is.
That is what had me thinking on the subject of hate; a blog post from someone who is a Christian and is asking Christians why they are hating homosexuals. It is instructive; check out this gentlemans post here.


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