Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Pain of a Censor

Last week I caught the tail end of a discussion. The Minister of Ethics and Integrity, the Hon. James Nsaba Buturo was not happy with DSTV, the satellite TV provider from South Africa. What was irking him was the fact that DSTV had in its bouquet some series and films dealing with homosexuality. The L Word, etc, etc.

Now, beyond from Pastor Sempa, this gentleman is irked by homosexuals. Last year he wrestled the production of the Vagina Monologues to a stop because it was a lesbian play. (according to him). Then later in the year, he had a problem with the man who is forcing some poor Ugandans to sell their birthright for a mess of pottage. Hornsleith. His problem with him was that the guy is a homosexual.

Dr Nsaba Buturo is a PhD in economics. He is also a born again Christian, and for some reason, above many others, he is irked by homosexuality. And he has used his position in government to do all he can to stop the spread of that virtue!

I pity him, in a way.

Homosexuals are arguably a minority. We are only about 3% of the population. I know that more optimistic calculations come up with the 10% figure, which is a possibility. Gay sex is a taboo in a whole lot of communities and few would like to admit to it.

Yet, this small minority seems to have a proportion of achievers that the world has recognised. Why? A question for an evolutionary psychologist. There must be something, a survival advantage to this sexual orientation.

Back to Nsaba Buturo. If we are to censor everything with a homosexual bent (that is, apart from approved hate materials) we would have to censor Shakespeare, Alexander the Great, Allan Turing (Father of Computers), Oscar Wilde, Leornado da Vinci. Have you ever thought of the irony that His Holiness Ratsinger was elected Pope under the Sistine Chapel roof, with Michelangelo masterpieces in attendance? And of course contemporaries like Elton John and others.

What a world it would be, without the genius of these guys. They happened to be gay. A hated thing.

Pastor Sempa wants us to go further. We should also censor gay lovers- Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Mbeki. Because they are lovers of gays. What a heaven on earth we would make.

So, we shall love the sinner, but frown on the sin. We shall make use of the computer, and forget our sins against the ‘Father of Computers’. We need to make a world that has no support for homosexuals. So help us god.

Will that work for you?



Bruce said...

It's pretty useless to try to combat homophobia by reminding homophobes of the cultural and scientific achievements of gay people throughout history. I suspect, in fact, it only makes them hate us more.

The Nazis were perfectly willing to forego enjoyment and utilization of all cultural and scientific achievements of Jews. That the Jews had played an essential part in German and Austrian cultural and scientific life before the Nazi period only increased their resentment toward them.

No one has accused us of being stupid or untalented. We're considered all the more dangerous because we are!

DeTamble said...

:P My friend Amby LOVES The L Word. It's hot! We snuggle up together when we are wasted and watch it on YouTube. Yeah, Amby is a lesbian and I'm so jealous of her new girlfriend. The chick looks like Ellen Page, the girl from that movie Juno. HOT!! Cutest nose ever!

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