Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chaos in Kampala

Gosh, I started this as a joke. Sort of releasing some pressure.
But, and a big but, something is happening that is out of norm.
Riots throught the city of Kampala. And civil disobedience, and fracas.
See, I put up the other post. At that time was kind of off base. I was not really interested. Kind of comes from a news news for news’ sake.
But it has become serious.
Started with news that the Katikiro, prime minister of Buganda kingdom had been refused entry to Bugerere. That touched off riots in Kampala, and these have spread, spread and spread. A real, bonafide people’s revolt.
Fire in the streets. Empty streets. The main roads are closed. And chaos reigns supreme. And the anthem of the uprising, the Buganda anthem. God, how many people knew it before now?
Apparently, the chaos is taking place throughout Buganda, which is a sizeable region. This is going to become worse. No longer a laughing matter.
PS. The government tv station is showing a debate in parliament. They are debating a ban on alcohol packed in polythene paper. Kampala is burning…


Princess said...

Dude! Seriously?! Please keep up the updates.

gayuganda said...

Very serious. Follow the tweets.

gayuganda said...

Yeah, am tweeting the news, and have put a widget on the blog. follow that.

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