Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update Sunday

Just one of those things. Sometimes, one may not feel up to it. Blogging.

But then, I dont seem to give up on it completely. Despite the fact that it is bordering on 'seditious'. With the recent 'crackdown' on expression, I have to be minded that I am 'seditious' and possibly a 'terrorist' because I happen to express my thoughts. Iwaya took it a bit further... I commented that he should be in prison. On remand for his 'terrorist, seditious thought processes.'

Sigh, that is something that we have to deal with.

A very, very, beautiful day. Rained last night. Kind of drizzled throught the evening, and we went out and had fun, but there were not so many people with us, because of the rain. But we did anyway. Kampala is very lively, for gay people.

Was at my favourite non gay 'gay' bar. Had this friend of mine from overseas, and he was kind of frustrated. Where are the gay men? He asked. He  was seeing lots of eye candy, and he was fearing to make a hit and miss. That is our style. I mean, you may try and fail, but gods help you if you do. Or the person that you have made a pass at.

So, I look around, and start pointing out those that I have a little knowledge about their... errr, sexual orientation. Turned out that there were quite a number.
This guy commented that elsewhere, not that many gay men are in a bar 'incognito'. We have a reputation for flamboyance. At least that is what I hear!!!!!
Not in Uganda.

Anyway, he was lucky. He had me next to him! So, he was let into the secret....! Uh.

What has been happening on the political scene?

President out of the country. The Kabaka shows off his popularity, and why the Prez cannot take him for granted. These elephants will continue to fight for the near future. We need to prepare some good hidey holes for us...

There is leak of a 'bill' against homosexuality in Uganda. (Have I blogged about it?) Seems as if the aim of this particular piece of legislation is to formaly make sure that being gay is rightfully and legally made a pariah status in Uganda, for Ugandans, inside and outside the country. Afrigay has it here. By the way, Seba, wherever you are, if this bill passes, and you still have your Ugandan passport, whenever you have sex, remember that we can still send you to Luzira.... Whenever you sneak into Uganda, and we can prove that you had 'homosexual' sex.

But I dont think you have to worry so much about it. I mean, I am in the country, but continue to have sex. And I am not planning on moving out.
Maybe I should worry about the provision that, once I am arrested for having gay sex, all my friends who know that am gay are also liable to prison for six months for knowing that I am gay and was not reported to the police, uh!

Uganda and policing thought and actions....! Well, that is life.

Will sign off. A few things that I need not to do. Or to do.

Have a great Sunday.

To my Moslem friends, Eid Mubarak. And congratulations on finishing Ramadhan. And of course welcome back onto the scene. Was kind of dull without all of you coming out with us all!


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