Saturday, September 5, 2009

FUFA does not discriminate; Kayanja and Ssempa

Or does it? Will Ayieko survive the smear of being labelled homosexual? At least he seems to be back in his job.

But, does FUFA discriminate or not? FIFA will want to know. If Ayieko had been 'prooved' to be a homosexual, would he still be able to play the beautiful game? Check this out.

And, the New Vision's City Beat is out. It list the top 100 Ugandan Celebrities. Hidden somewhere in the article is this sentence.

Pastor Robert Kayanja of the Rubaga Miracle Centre, at 13 was the highest ranked religious figure, followed by Martin Sempa of the Makerere Community Church.

Now, you can understand why dear Pastor Ssempa hates Kayanja so much.... It is all about, politics, stupid.


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