Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beatifying Ssempa.


Quite a title, don’t you think?

But, in this world of spin, do you think it impossible? Not in this world of spin. It is quite possible.

What set me off is someone who is bent on doing that. Over at the Throckmorton blog. Must say the guy isn’t really on friendly territory. But, he is doing some heavy lifting.

And, in this world of spin, even gay-porn-freak-show-Martin Ssempa PhD can easily become St. Martin. What really matters is enough credible people to come out and stake their reputations on him. The videos of him showing porn disappear, the world admits itself ‘relieved’ that he has ‘explained’ his actions. And, voila, it becomes St. Martin Ssempa, PhD.

Of course I would play the Devil’s advocate in that scenario. And, I would most likely be dismissed. For lack of credibility. Gay, non-Christian, embittered anti-religious person that I am.

Which reminds me, I thought I should make this post ‘Proffessional Christians’, but the beatification of Ssempa seemed a more interesting title.

Since April started, I have been amiss. Not posting.

Of course, my world has been moving on. And, it is. Not so?

The Pope, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger cannot shed his ‘Proffesional Christian’ title. He is first and foremost, a defender of the Church. And, he has defended it against accusations of pedophile priests, helped with ‘relocation’ of those who got caught, and delayed and held onto ‘trials’ in cases where upto 200 deaf boys were actually thought to have been abused by a single individual.

The Church, the Catholic church knew about it. And, Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict the ?? [I forget] was at the helm, in the office that denied a revealing court case of the priest so accused.

Do you think the Pope will say sorry?

Even at the expense of 200 deaf children abused by a priest that the church knew about. THE CHURCH MUST BE DEFENDED.

And, the Pope (Benedict the ???) is an excellent defender of the Church.

Do I think that he will get beatification? I am relatively sure he will. Sooner or later, I am relatively sure. So, is the world fair? Who ever told you to dream like so? Repeat after me, THE WORLD IS NEVER, EVER FAIR.

I knew of it before, but the full story as put here is kind of interesting. Factual, and reflects what makes me convinced that we gay people must continue fighting. The majority will never accept us… (tut tut tut, I am from Uganda, and, all that colours my thoughts!). They will seek many reasons, many of them religious, to make sure that we are a persecuted minority. Here is the story of what actually occurs when mob rule is law. And, the police etc, cannot stand for the right of a minority to do something as evil as meeting. They are gay, aren’t they? As Minister Nsaba-Buturo famously said, ‘Let homosexuals forget about Human Rights’. And, a reader here comments about his son’s defense of Ssempa and co. ‘They are doing the Lord’s Work.’
 Islamist Mob Shutters East Java Gay Conference
Police, management of two hotels in Surabaya, Indonesia, buckle to fundamentalist pressure
Published: Saturday, March 27, 2010 4:06 PM CDT
A large, well-organized mob of Islamist fundamentalists in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city, on March 26 attacked an international conference led by ILGA-Asia, a branch of the International Lesbian and Gay Association.
The mob used aggressive threats of violence to force police to ban the meeting and to intimidate two host hotels to expel conference participants.
Speaking by telephone from Surabaya, a city of 3 million that is the capital of East Java, ILGA’s co-secretary-general, Renato Sabbadini, told Gay City News that the mob, which grew from 50 to 150, invaded and occupied the Oval Hotel at around 1p.m, shortly after Friday morning prayer services in the city’s mosques had concluded.
According to Indonesian newspapers, the mob was organized jointly by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) –– which has a long history of attacking Indonesian LGBT people and was described by the Jakarta Post as a “radical” group of “hardline” fundamentalists –– and the Indonesian Council of Ulema, an association of Muslim clerics.

You do remember Mombasa Kenya, just a few weeks ago? Yes, we are at war. Overt, covert, it is war.

Be well.

Need to go out and explore the world. No petrol, for some reason of 'supply' that I cannot wrap my mind around. But, that is Uganda.



spiralx said...

*giggles* - for a moment there, I thought you had written "beautifying Ssempa"!

Had visions of gay men mincing over in droves, clutching hairdryers, make-up bags, cool clothing, doing a "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" type makeover...!

Ah well, it made me smile for a moment!

So - bee-ATTI-fication. I thought only Catholics did that, not evangelical 'splinters' of the true Church...

But - hmm... he gets a new name, then. Given his - um, 'special preferences', whatever could we call him?

St. Whopperstopper?
Saint Eat-me-now?
Saint Crap-you-like? (Actually quite like that one, you could Latinise it to Crapulikus, couldn't you...)

Goodness, ENDLESS possibilities, really!

Deldell said...

I went to that blog post and read all the comments. You, sir, are brilliant. You have my best wishes and unreserved support.

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

In a perfect world Ssempa would already be in jail for crimes against humanity.

Beatification? What ever for?

SGL Café.com said...

Beautiful post. And yes, we are AT WAR, my friend. Over there, over in here, everywhere. As long as the crazies believe in killing for whichever Sky Daddy they grovel to, we shall always be.

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