Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gap in the blogging...


A huge gap in my blogging?

Of course it is. Not planned. Some travel time, and more.

Am afraid this kind of thing has some drain on the person which one
cannot easily quantify. So, sometimes one fails to live up to
expectations. And, one has to go back and replenish internal
resources. Or, get to the point of recuperation, of re-building one's

I have to live a normal life. And, more than that, I also have to live
my 'extra-legal' life. Not such a bad thing, but it is kind of wearing
to the soul.

Guess what I am trying to say is that I went off and have not been
able to blog because I needed some internal repair mechanism to kick
in. And, it is not fully done, so I cannot promise that I am back yet…

Thanks for the good wishes, thanks for the concern. Sorry that I was
not able to come back and tell you that I am fine. I am. So is my
partner, who has been bringing back the concerns of many who have
expressed them. We are fine. And safe.

But, I did, and still do need some time to repair some worn out
pieces…. Will you bear with me?

Be well, and do bear with me.



Leonard said...

Of course, WE await your every breath and and your partner are loved and embraced by the around-the-world ¨we love Gay Uganda¨ organization (too bad those aledged millions weren´t sent your way so you could have a primera clase round-the-world cruise and greet each of us as you recooperate)!

Recharge, we await...meantime I read about the enthroning of King Charles Wesley Mumbere of the Rwenzururu Kingdom...seems like a really neat person and he spent years with we Norte Americanos too! CONGRATULATIONS to King Charles Wesley Mumbere and LONG LIVE THE KING!

Karen said...

I am delighted and grateful to hear that you are both OK and safe. "Kind of wearing to the soul" sounds like an understatement of what this must be for you. Of course, take whatever time you need. We of the "We Love Gay Uganda" organization will wait.

Dave said...

Take your time and be well!

Ed said...

Good to know you are still breathing. It's really been a while!

Luke66 said...

I wish you and your partner all the best :)


Tobias said...

Am relieved! Yes, take your time, and know that your friends around the globe are your friends whether you blog regularly or not.

African Activist said...

I miss you! Antony @

Colin Coward said...

Gug, it's a relief to know that your safe, and good to know that you have been looking after yourself and repairing some of the damage to your heart and body and soul. You are in my prayers every day and I appreciate more than I can say the work you have done over the past few months. It's never easy to know whether we make a difference in life, but I have no doubt your blog and your engagement on the ground there have changed the course of history for the Bill. It's good that you have been able to take time out when progress on the Bill seems to be minimal.

Blessings as always,

Lindsay said...

I love the new fresh look!

L said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that I recently discovered your blog and that I want to applaud you for taking a stand against such hateful policies like the anti-homosexuality bill and how much I greatly admire you for it. I think you're incredibly strong for doing this, and I'm behind you 100%.
I hope you get all the rest and happiness you deserve. <3

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

There you are!! Good to hear that you are both well.

Looking forward to reading your insights...whenever you're up to it, mon ami.

Anonymous said...

I´m glad to hear that both you and your partner are well! best regards, Gerry, Finland

F Young said...

The situation in Uganda is moving quickly, so it's important to keep up-to-date on the latest Ugandan LGBT news. While gug takes a much-needed break and the GayUganda blog is inactive, I recommend these websites:

Box Turtle Bulletin

African Activist


Behind the Mask

Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law

Daily Monitor (right wing newspaper)


If you know better sources for the latest news, please post the source.

If you find some noteworthy but obscure news, I recommend advising the above websites (except the Daily Monitor).

If you have information that is not for public consumption, I recommend emailing:
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Sexual Minorities uganda
Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law

BTW, these recommendations are based on my online blog reading. I am not an Ugandan, nor much of an activist.

Larry-bob said...

Best wishes from San Francisco, and hope you can return to blogging (and twittering) when you are ready.

Erik said...

Gug, it's good to know that you are taking care of yourself. Fighting injustice takes an emotional toll on one's health. I hope you are repairing yourself with love.

Tamaku said...

Hope you're well. xxx

spiralx said...

Today. The Malawi thing. Utterly, utterly disgusted at the outright travesty of justice perpetrated.

Right now, just feel like buying myself some spare plutonium and just... nuking Blantyre.

Anonymous said...

I hope they pass it and that you get killed you worthless fagget!

spiralx said...

That's "faggot" with an "o", sweetness.

I guess you were too busy combing for fleas, and learning to peel a banana with your hands instead of your feet, to notice...?

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