Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Victory

Listening to a bird sing in the trees.

Notes like a bell ringing. Closer, purer, a more liquid control than metal tolling. Life is beautiful, wonderful.

The rains seem to have taken leave, at least for the time being. Was kind of anxious, myself. What with 'biblical floods' in Australia, rumours of glacial cold in Europe, Asia, blizzards in America, of untimely cold in India, I was wondering what blessings poor Africa was going to have of inclemental weather.

Don't know. Do care.... Uganda, the beautiful green looks raped to my eyes. Our population is ballooning. And, we encroach on our forests. How far will it go?

Our family patriarch fell sick the day before New Years.

Daddy, that is to say. And, the family rallied around him, just like it is supposed to be. He is elderly, but quite active. Controversial in his own way. A pragmatic conservative, he is fiercely protective of the old ways, but flexible and understanding.

Of course I am talking about this gay second son who has insisted on not getting married to a woman, and horror of horrors, lives openly with another man who all must know is his bedmate...

Daddy has not given up. Yes, he still hopes for a child from my loins.... Uh, when I think of Elton John, and the fact that I have similar paternal instincts, I think he may get a grand child from my loins.

But, he is old. And he would like that to be in his lifetime. I am not sure that I can fulfil that condition.

When he fell sick, I suddenly found myself thrust back to the fore.

He has never really rejected me because I am gay. I know, some of my aunties, fellow elders like him, would have been more idealistic. They are fierce Christians. I was suddenly needed, and thrust into the heat of things. Hospital, doctors, investigations. It is very expensive to fall sick in Uganda. And, the fact that our care is less than desirable makes it even more so. Frustrating, embarrassing, time consuming. Even the smallest bit of success is won at cost.

But, the family rallied round him. He is a big man, a clan elder. And, as counted here, he is rich, in family. Children who have studied, and can take care of their dad. And they did. In a way.

So, the presumed black sheep found a place in the gathering. And even my lover muscled his way into the thick of things. Don't know how they felt about that.... Huh, silly feeling. My sister's rejection, well meaning however it was, it suddenly reminded me how far to the periphery of the family my sexuality, and the very open living of my life, had pushed me in the family. They may not accept me, but, they cannot deny me. And, for my lover... they may resent him. I know they do. But, while am alive, when am there....!

Dad will be fine. Touch wood.

In the middle of that family upheaval came the news of the victory in the courts.

Its funny. I have been kind of cataloguing the reports in media. Did notice that it is an 'outside the country' phenomenon. I mean, foreign media picked up the story very fast. (We have learnt what power that has on our government.) but, I am yet to see more than a single mention of it in the local media.

But, it was, and still is, a heart warming decision.

We fought. Yes, so help us the deities, we did come out to fight, to say that enough is enough for once, with the help of important allies. We did win. A small victory. But, so sweet, great, so beautiful!

Have a lovely day.



Tamaku said...

Hope daddy gets better. Bravo to the other recent success.

Unknown said...

Pray that Mzee gets better,
Gug, I still have hope that you will give him a grand child. And that will be the joy he's never had(You know it!)

Wish you well gug

Andrea said...

Hope your dad pulls through. CONGRATULATIONS on the court victory! That was such great news. :)

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