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Promoting Homosexuality: Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023 text;

     I came across an article, questioning tongue in cheek whether Pope Francis would be guilty of ‘Promotion of Homosexuality’ in Uganda.

Knowing how broadly Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 is written, it made sense. Would Pope Francis’ embrace of kuchus (LGBTQ+) individuals be ‘promotion of homosexuality’?

In the context of Africa and homosexuality, the question is not theoretical. Archbishop Welby of the Church of England was accused by the GAFCON Primate of


“becoming a spokesperson and advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights..”


Archbishop Welby’s apparent crime was writing this letter to the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda. It reminds all that Anglicans are supposed to be committed to ‘pastoral care’ of the homosexuals and non-criminalisation of homosexuality.
Archbishop Welby was emphatically told to ‘repent’; apparently of the crime of LGBTQIA advocacy. From my reading of the text of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023 (below), for being a ‘spokesperson and advocate’ for LGBTQIA+ rights, Archbishop Welby is ‘promotion of homosexuality’ in Uganda.

As for Pope Francis, lets examine the text before we condemn or exonerate the old gentleman.


11.   Promotion of homosexuality

(1)    A Person who promotes homosexuality commits an offence and is liable, on conviction, to imprisonment for a period not exceeding twenty years.

(2)    A person promotes homosexuality where the person—

(b)    knowingly advertises, publishes, prints, broadcasts, distributes or causes the advertisement, publication, broadcasting or distribution  by any means, including the use of a computer, information system or the internet, of any material promoting or encouraging homosexuality or the commission of an offence under this Act;


(The blog is Promotion of homosexuality. Of course!)


(c)    provides financial support, whether in kind or cash, to facilitate activities that encourage homosexuality or the observance or normalisation of conduct prohibited under this Act;


(Funding for Kuchu (LGBTQ+) organisations is prohibited. Funders (finance, in kind) are targeted here. Should also mean UNAIDS and PEPFAR and Global Fund…, they support Kuchu HIV clinics…!)


(d)    knowingly leases or subleases, uses or allows another person to use any house, building or establishment for the purpose of undertaking activities that encourage homosexualities or any other offence under this Act


(Criminalising our landlords is a low blow indeed)


(e)     operates an organisation which promotes or encourages homosexuality or the observance or normalisation of conduct prohibited under this Act.


Yes. That takes care of LGBTQ+ organisations in Uganda.

[What about our kuchu clinics for HIV/AIDS?
No wonder the American ambassador was adamant to get the President’s word. The Americans refused to announce grants until the Ambassador met the President who then publically announced the HIV programming was not going to be targeted. It was only then that they released funds.
I don’t think USAID is going to be accused of ‘promotion’ … They are guilty ‘promotion of homosexuality’, according to the letter of the law. But, oh well. Good they did step in when they did.]

Continuing on Pope Francis’ guilt or not- from the text of the law above, Pope Francis is guilty…
Not the Catholic Church in Uganda. They are not guilty of ‘normalisation of conduct’. But Pope Francis is very guilty of ‘normalisation of homosexuality’. I can even cite page and verse. I would add the Catholic Catechism, but it is very apparent from the Catholic Fathers’ silence that the document gives a lot of leeway for action. They are not guilty of ‘promoting homosexuality.
Pope Francis is Guilty of ‘Promotion of Homosexuality’ in Uganda. Just like the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

A broad, comprehensive attack on the Kuchu, (LGBTQ+) in Uganda.
The individual Kuchu,  our organisations, our allies are under attack, directly and indirectly. Even our landlords are targeted. How the poor landlords should be liable for our activities is beyond imagination…, but that would be in a sane and rational world. Not Uganda

 And the sentences?


11.   Promotion of homosexuality

(3)    Where an offence prescribed under this section is committed by a legal entity, the court may—

(a)    impose a fine not exceeding fifty thousand currency points for breach of any of the provisions of this section;

(b)    suspend the licence of the entity for a period of ten years; or

(c)    cancel the licence granted to the entity.


The sentences are prison (custodial, up to 20 years, (11; (1) above); fines, and suspension of operating licences and de-registration of offending organisations.



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