Saturday, July 15, 2023

The Hypocrisy of Uganda’s Catholic Church’s Silence and Non-Action


Been thinking about this for some time. A columnist in the Monitor newspaper commented that the Catholic Church in Uganda was manifesting wisdom in not contributing to the ‘debate on homosexuality’ in the country. The ‘debate’ is rather one sided, and is more of a diatribe on the evil of homosexuality…, my sexual orientation. Is the Catholic Church in Uganda’s silence one of wisdom? Maybe. And maybe not.

I have compared their silence to playing deaf, dumb and blind. I have also compared them to Pope Pius the XII (so called the Nazi Pope, or Hitler’s Pope). And no, am not shy about calling them out. Hypocrites; the silence serves their purpose well.

Reminds me of one of the Nazarene’s teaching parables.
A traveller was ambushed on the road by robbers. They beat and left him for dead. Other travellers passed the robbers’ victim on the side of the road. They noticed him, but left him…, for some very logical reasons. Maybe the Levite didn’t want to be ‘polluted’, and maybe one of the others was hurrying to a wedding…, whatever. Till the ‘Good Samaritan’ stopped and helped the victim of robbery…, silence prevailed.

Cogent reasons not to speak out and act. Very logical and good, maybe.

The country is on fire, ready to lynch the homosexuals. Would the very powerful Catholic Church please stand up and say something? Well, the Moslems have had their say. The Anglicans have had their say. The Pentecostals have also had their say. What of the Catholics? Are they leaving everything to the politicians? It is supposedly a ‘moral’ debate.

Why is the Catholic Church in Uganda silent?
Have they released a statement? They were waiting for the ‘entire bill’. Still on its way to Rubaga?
I must have been asleep. I didn’t hear…! Or they are yet to say anything?

Maybe the reasons are political. The Pontiff, Pope Francis, has not been silent. Homosexuality is a sin. He is definite. And, criminalising it is not okay. Unequivocal, and vocal, repeatedly. How can the Catholic Church in Uganda go against the Pontiff when he has made his mind known? Bad politics, at the very least.

What if the Pontiff is wrong? These are sinners, the homosexuals. Isn’t the mighty Catholic Church of a mind to reserve them for hell on earth, life in prison, and Death? Or are they against the death penalty? [In principle, as the head of the Church of Uganda hurries to admit. In principle, reality is different.]

Could it be that the mighty Catholic Church in Uganda dare not admit that these are sinners, just like the ones Christ used to associate with?

Or, is it that the popularity of rabid condemnation of the minority homosexuals in Uganda is not good to go against, for the moral power and popularity of the Church, Christ’s Church? One needs to remind ones’ self that it does matter, popularity. It takes guts to champion homosexuals in Uganda in anyway… That is brutal matter of fact.

Or could it be that the homosexuals are such bad sinners that no hand need be lifted to help or aid them in their plight.
Leave them to die on the side of the road, I would judge. Good riddance, to bad evil. Why waste time, energy, prestige and even thinking about them?

Yes, I am strongly reminded of the stance of Pope Pious XII.
He was strangely silent through the Holocaust of the Third Reich. So much that he was branded ‘Hitler’s Pope’, and a silent Nazi sympathiser to the genocide of Jews. And, yes, those with the pink triangles were homosexuals. Gassed in gas chambers by Hitler too, they haven’t improved in the popularity context since, apparently!

Oh, I am certain that the mighty and powerful Catholic Church in Uganda is silent because they totally agree and support Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023.
That is why I am poking at them…, it is good fun!



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