Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Anti-LGBTQ+ Monologue in Ghana at the Moment


Ghana has an ‘anti-homosexuality’ bill in its parliament. That’s been so since 2022. Possibly because of the nudge from Uganda’s swiftly passed Anti-Homosexuality law, the Ghanaian Parliament found some time to pass the mandated second reading.

This happened on 5th July, 2023.
And, it has sparked debate about homosexuality in the country and the media. Radio, TV, online. It would be robust, except for the fact that it is no debate, but a monologue.
Dialogue implies two parties exchanging ideas. Debate implies something similar. But, this is a monologue. The nay sayers are very thin on the ground!

Search for those opposing the bill heated up so much that a dead person’s name (yes, a dead person) was dragged out to be defended by his friends. Apparently, he didn’t condemn homosexuality when he was alive! What tarnish and taint to his great and good name! Utterly ridiculous. Demonstrably true.
Absurd, but that is the level of ‘debate’ about my sexuality as a Kuchu in Africa. That is the level of prevalent homophobia.  Even the dead have to be defended for presumed pro-LGBTQ impressions, because they didn’t condemn homosexuality while they were alive.

The chorus of support is considerable. On 5th of July 2023, the bill was unanimously supported on the second reading. Apparently there was a lone dissenting voice, a female MP who was heckled and bullied into support. And another MP apparently vocally accused another MP of being gay…, live, in parliament!!

The monologue is so hot influential Ghanaian Kuchus are running from it. Of course.
Personally, and from very personal experience, I think the decision to come out in this atmosphere, in our countries is very, very personal. A life changer, with real risk to one’s personal life. And their livelihood. One might die, or lose job and income earning. And the bill will be passed. I prefer living to dead martyrs, thanks a lot!

Possible heterosexual allies like this guy would feel let down; because they know ‘big men, big women’ kuchus; doctors, lawyers etc in the community?!

“Big lawyers are gay in this country; if they won’t speak out who am I to do advocacy – Martin Kpebu”


Still the decision is too big to be trivialised, nor depersonalised. Each and every individuals personal circumstances differ, and most are quite hostile. One should not be ‘shamed’ into coming out, that is a no, no.
Fact we do need allies, as we call them. Some are put off because we don’t seem to be able to speak up. Yet it is important to appreciate that speaking up and coming out is a huge, huge risk that no ally can comprehend. They shouldn’t be lightly condemned.

Even health care providers who should be championing LGBTQ+ concerns rush to trumpet how thoroughly they support the anti-homosexuality bill, although they might have a few ethical and professional issues of concern.
Gosh, that statement is so self serving I really have miniscule respect for the Seniour Psychologist who made it.

Sam George, MP and mover of the bill is everywhere.
Viciously anti-gay, he is covering himself in literal lies and strongly campaigning, possibly for a higher office, on the back of the Ghanaian Kuchu’s breaking spines. He has inferred Ghanaian Kuchus (LGBTQ+) individuals do not exist, are foreign agents, are not African, that the US is personally attacking him etc.
Apparently he is Ghana’s leading contender for Anti-Gay Saint. And he takes the campaign seriously. What if a few Ghanaian kuchus lose their lives? Little meaning, that.

A Ghanaian ‘industrialist’ gives a very confusing argument for the African Union to come up and with a common, anti-LGBTQ+ stand. That would be a huge contradiction to the African Charter which defends the rights of individuals. Kuchus are Africans, and the African Charter protects us too.
Unfortunately, anti-gay debate in Africa really doesn’t follow good logic.

Conspiracy theorist Joel Savage is lavish in his support of the anti-LGBTQ+ position, and of Sam George.
Problem is his very, very confusing and lavish paranoia and conspiracy theories are off-putting. But, Fox News and other outlets in the US thrive on that kind of output, so… what of one paranoid African!

To my mind, the worst of the worst are ‘Human Rights Activists’ who blatantly deny our basic humanity. They support ‘Proper Human Rights’; excluding LGBTQ+ rights. Those are not ‘proper’ human rights, apparently. According to this one, Dr. Justice Appiah Kubi; executive member of the Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, the bill is a very good thing. It is actually meant to be a boon, and not a curse to the Ghanaian Kuchu. It is not supposed to harm them. It actually protects them…

Well, you better check for yourself. I listed the details of the bill, in reports.
Appiah Kubi was speaking to foreign media, and trying to butter the bill up. And of course patting himself on the back for the magnificent tolerance of Ghanaian society!


““.., not as bad as Uganda’s…

… the bill is tolerant enough to ensure that no harm befalls individuals in the queer community, …

This level of tolerance, Dr. Appiah-Kubi emphasised, is reflective of the Ghanaian culture….

Additionally, he described the bill as a good one, explaining that, “the spirit of the bill wasn’t necessarily to really hurt people who are into homosexuality”


When I hear lies, frank lies like that, by our shameless African leaders, that is when I get back to the details. According to reports, this ‘very good bill’ actually criminalises LGBTQ+ identity in Ghana, punishes with 3 years of imprisonment, plus any advocacy that is 10 years imprisonment. And as for HIV/AIDS care…, that is also to be scaled back. Just check here.


And one wonders why kuchus feel set upon with this kind of love?



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