Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yes, home. There is nothing like home. The world is beautiful when I travel, but getting home is something. Back to my lover’s hands, his embrace, touching him, feeling him, breathing in his very special self.

Helps too that the country is so beautiful.

It is home. So, I am biased, but the sun seems to shine brighter, and the air is open and, even when it is overcast like it was in Nairobi, something still lifts my spirits that bit more.


Sister capital of our sister nations. Right on our doorstep, but I had never really been. Like being and seeing and walking and appreciating. This time did. Strangers the people, until I met those who speak and talk like I do. Interesting how a few hundred miles to the east of Kampala still seems like home, just because there are those who are like me. Strangers, but friends made in seconds. Experiences swapped, curiosities settled.

We speak Uga-English, that curious mix of English and our various mother tongues and accents from the various regions. The Kenyans speak English, with their regional accent. Was interesting to listen to the differing sounds as they came from their mouths. Definitely different from Uganda. But a comfortable different. Not hostile, no. And for some reason, I seemed to blend in. Except that my Swahili is horrible!

I am Ugandan, translation, Swahili non-speaker, unlike other East Africans. So, though I did not look out of place, even when I was in the matatus, (mini-buses) as soon as I opened my mouth to speak the lingua franca, I was nailed as a foreigner. So, they would take pity on me and speak English. I was grateful.

The land of ‘Nyama Kyoma’ according to WildeY. How accurate!

‘Nyama kyoma’ is Swahili for roast meat. But Kenyans take it like none else. I sat down to a couple of meals like so. A platter of meats, served fresh from the roasting stick. And what meats! The more common ones were beef, lamb, sausages, pork, goat. All at the same seating. Served hot and sizzling, all that I could take, and eat I did.

The more exotic ones? I tasted Ostrich, camel, and Crocodile. Yes I did. Couldn’t miss that chance! Ate my fill and my quota of meat for a whole month, at one seating. By the second trial, I was more cautious, though not much less ravenous. Now I do understand what WildeY means by the land of Nyama Kyoma. Positively carnivourous, that culture!

Oh yes, I do have some apologies to tend.

To the sisters. Sorry, I needed some time off. Not from you.

Had planned to go for some time, but couldn’t inform you. Not even privately. DeT seems to be unable to… [cough!]

Yes. I am being paranoid. Will not apologise for that, that trait has served me too well in the past, and however beautiful and anonymous cyber is, I must remember that danger still lurks if I tread unwarily.

But I am back, for now.



Anonymous said...

welcome back. i am glad you enjoyed yourseluf our beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

welcome back. i am glad you enjoyed yourseluf our beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

I love that you write it as 'kyoma' where ky= ch I Swa- it would be choma.

All my Ugandan friends regularly get teased by me for this. I love it. I now say 'Champala' instead of kampala..even though I know different- just to goad them.

Glad you enjoyed Nairobi.

gayuganda said...

Thanks Numbers, WildeY

Guess it is part of the teaching here. And I do it unconsciously you know. Cant hide some of our quirks.


Kenyanchick said...

Glad you enjoyed it, come on over any time!

And that familiar sense of not being far from home is exactly how I feel when I go to Uganda. Karibu tena.

("Kyoma", heh heh. Like how you guys say "bakyikuyu." Cracks me up.)

Princess said...

I'm here to leave a decidedly inane comment:

"Blood's thicker than water."

You're forgiven. And welcome back.
But if you ever do that again......

gayuganda said...

What is inane about that comment? I am not assuming that you are returning because of my pretty face, can I?

DeTamble said...

Unable to do what exactly?

I agree with Princess's inane comment, and welcome back strange boy. We sincerely missed you :-x

But if you ever do that again...

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