Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blue Skies

A sunlit day in Kampala.

Clear blue skies. The heavens high and open, blue, strips of white wool scattered. Except on the horizon. And elsewhere.

Beautiful Kampala!

I would say it is the best of seasons. The sun is not too hot, and there is not that much threat of rain. This morning, woke early. Had to break out of our bedroom. Something hilarious, which I just hope to have the courage to write about here!

Life is very full of her small surprises.

Prepping for work, was a bit late. Traffic jams are back in town, with school term started. And I was not surprised. Had to complete the last km of my journey on foot. Late. Not comfortably seated in a car.

But that is Kampala.

All through the walk, I was remembering leaving my lover in bed.

Loverman. Great how a smile, a sleepy goodbye can be such a memory to carry one through a busy day.

But now, between me and the bright sun outside is the burglar proofing; steel mesh on the window. Prison? No, I am not in a cell. Just that it feels like so.

I would love to be out in the sunshine, to walk on the busy streets of Kampala. I would love to sample all that lovely freedom of being. I would love to walk up the hills, feel the breeze from the lake in on my face, watch the leaves dance on the trees, and wave my hands in tune with the branches.

I am alive, and well. I am in love.

Can I ask for something better? Have a great day.


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