Monday, May 26, 2008


I made a commitment to myself to temper down my almost irrational anger at Christians who bash me in the name of their religion.

Have been doing fairly well, I must confess. That is, until Ssempa featured again.

Ok, so this is life.

One pastor pissed me off big deal. Here, and here.

Another lovely Christian showed me how much love she had for me in the name of Jesus.

I was boiling, by that time. I am responsible for what I wrote, which I am ashamed of now, but which I will not remove from the blog. Here, and here.

Then a Christian pointed me to another Christian, a Reverend who is gay, and is facing more Christian hate than I am likely to face, me as a non believer. I will lift the whole article and put it here.

Thanks Bolton, and thanks Rev. MacCaulay of Nigeria. At least, with people like you believing, us non-believers can have some hope in people of religion.

• Sunday, May 25, 2008
Less than seven days after Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie declared Nigerian gay pastor, Rev. Jide Macaulay an insane person ignorant of biblical principles, the gay pastor has fired back, saying Okogie does not know the Bible.

Okogie, the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos had last Sunday said that right from creation, “God made male and female and admonished them to multiply. He did not make them male and male, nor female and female”.
In his reply to Okogie’s comments, Macaulay who heads the House of Rainbow Metropolitan Church in Lagos, with another branch in London said conservative Christians like Okogie do not know the bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The controversial gay pastor said that he is on an enlightenment mission and must supply new and fresh information for Christians in the country to understand.

“We have to be radical against those who are violent toward me. Many citizens of Nigeria including conservative Christians have concluded that homosexuality is a sin. They need new information, education and anointing for wisdom to understand the heart of God for all the people of God”, the homosexual pastor said.

He explained that homosexuality is included in the mysteries of God in the dynamic creation of the human spectrum, and said he is happy to be a gay and servant of God.
“Let us say a few things. Jesus Christ came to the world to die for my sins and not my sexuality. If you fail to love me, then God who made me will love me always. he said.
I have responded honestly with all my heart, to the call of God to be the face and voice of our community Nigeria. I’m sure many people agree with me but refuse to identify because of fear of rejection. All the same, I can understand”, he said.

Rev Macaulay said that there are at the moment 15 million gays and lesbians in the country and called on them to fight for their rights.
“Before we rush into the condemnation of the 15 million sexual minority in Nigeria, we need to think of the people’s rights to be part of the household of God and also how they are to be included as rightful citizens of Nigeria”, he said.

He added, “we get nowhere without a fight, but I believe that fight is righteous for many people that are made to speak out or stand up for their belief”.

Last week in a recorded television show at the City Mall Studio, Onikan, Lagos, the gay pastor had said that he had been a gay since the age of 14.

He said he practices sodomy, the act of having sex with another man through the anus, adding that he is comfortable with it as a gay Christian.

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