Saturday, May 31, 2008

Egypt accused of "indifference to justice and public health" as HIV convictions upheld

By Staff Writer, • May 30, 2008 - 11:33

A Cairo appeals court has upheld the sentences handed down to five men jailed as part of a 'crackdown' on men who are HIV positive or living with AIDS.

Nine men have been sent to prison so far.

"To send these men to prison because of their HIV status is inhuman and unjust," said Joe Amon, director of the HIV/AIDS programme at Human Rights Watch.

"Police, prosecutors, and doctors have already abused them and violated their most basic rights, and now fear has trumped justice in a court of law."

As in previous cases, authorities forced the detainees to undergo HIV tests without their consent.

Four of the five convicted last month tested positive.

They were charged with the "habitual practice of debauchery," a term which in Egyptian law includes consensual sexual acts between men.

Well, the rest of the story is here.

Very interesting people, the Egyptians.

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