Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am Greedy!

Some not realy news, from Uganda; picked up from the Monitor

Homosexuality blamed on greed

Fred Muzaale


Mukono Diocese Bishop Eria Paul Luzinda has blamed the increasing gay relationships in the country on greed for money. Bishop Luzinda made the remarks on Sunday while blessing candidates of Kanjuki SSS in Kayunga District during a visit to the school. He commissioned a Shs45m laboratory block at the same function.

“Many Ugandans today think that money is everything and are ready to do anything be it immoral, to get it,” Bishop Luzinda said. “Because of their greed for money our people have taken on immoral acts like homosexuality and lesbianism.”

He said many Western and European countries are taking advantage of wealth to spread their immoral acts allover the world. “The youth are the main target of these acts but I want to advise you not to be enticed into such acts because they will ruin your life,” he said.

Bishop Luzinda urged school authorities in the diocese to be watchful of gay acts saying if they are allowed to infiltrate their schools the country would not have upright leaders of tomorrow.


David G. said...

Always an excuse,...Wouldn't you just like to hear the TRUTH FOR ONCE IN our lives!!

According to THOSE WHO CLAIM to be GOD's confessors....> WE ARE A SIN TO NATURE,...(Funny, I thought anything GOD made was nature)?!?


Me thinks...(giggles)...SATAN is P.A.'s (Peter Akinola) Light of Life, ..and his CHOSEN IGNORANCE ....>Delt His Ace of Spades!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Nice one... they just HAVE to explain homosexuality away?
Genetic? NO!
Choice? Ermm.. Maybe
Greed? YES!

These guys should be given the Nobel prize for their contribution to science.

PS: GUG, I stand by what I always say... the 'lady'(bishop/pastor/minister) doth protest too much... (something in the closet perhaps?)

c0nn3ction said...

At long last.....

An explanation for the very essence of me... the who and why I am.

I am greedy. Thanks to the Bishop for my newly enlightened self.

I have a further confusion though... Why am I am so so so very greedy?

Greed, greedier, greediest... that's me.

apples said...

I read that one too and what I just couldn't figure out was how exactly do you get more money by "deciding" to be gay?

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