Thursday, June 10, 2010


Or, for laughs.

You would think that the proprietors of the 'God Hates Fags' Church would be great supporters of Pastor Martin Ssempa, wouldnt you? Well, apparently not.

Just read this article. Seems to suggest that these guys believe even Ssempa will go to hell. Period. Very interesting!!!!! Or it might be that it has become impossible to come out in support of the Bahati Bill. That would be good, but, why, why is it that some do support it? Guess we are all different.
Now, I would say that being gay has inspired my writing. And, it is a gay romance that inspired most of Shakespeare's sonnets [at least that is what I think. Some of the most beautiful love poetry in the world]. But, apparently, it was different with EM Forester. Not discovering that he was gay until 38 years of age, gay relationships kind of zapped his creativity? I am glad that there are people like Elton John, Oscar Wilde, Leornado da Vinci and Shakespeare to kind of weigh back on such an assertion.... People like Ssempa would realy love the former assertion. Here.

The sharp decline in Forster's output has always mystified historians, but now a dossier of his private papers has revealed how growing personal contentment stunted his literary drive.
 After suppressing his sexuality as a young man, Forster, who was known to his friends as Morgan, lost his virginity to a wounded soldier in 1917 while working for the Red Cross in Egypt.
That sexual awakening in his late 30s led to a series of romances with working class men including a tram conductor and two policemen.
After publishing A Passage to India, arguably his greatest work, in 1924, Forster spurned the novel and most creative endeavours for the rest of his life, publishing only occasional short stories, essays and plays.
Wendy Moffat, associate professor of English at Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, who uncovered Forster's secret "sex diary" while researching a new biography of the novelist, said that the energy of his early years was drained by physical fulfilment.
She also believes that Forster lost interest in the middle-class domestic dramas that had been his forte as he dabbled with London's homosexual subculture on his return to Britain.

I am gay. Translation, biased in my view of this. But, I dare think that the 'conclusion' is not something that common sense would support!

On a less humourous note, Bishop Ssenyonjo is making it it all the way to the White house. Good for him. Apparently, by the time I post this, he will have made it there.



spiralx said...

You always have to weigh personal happiness & fulfilment against professional. Forster seems to have managed to satisfy both, which makes me happy for him. That's quite an achievement, whatever your sexual orientation!

Anonymous said...

This from Wendy Moffat. I have written the Telegraph--which produced this article without speaking to me-- indicating that the article is mistaken in its summary of my work. I urge you to read the book.

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

So the names of those supporting Martin Ssempa is getting shorter and shorter, not to mention that his honorary doctorate degree was withdrawn.

Eat-da-poo-poo indeed.

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