Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cannot Rest in Peace


that is meant literally. I didnt want to post, not anything, you know. Because, I am on HOLIDAY.

Sorry, the capitalisation is for me. I have to kind of remember that.

What brings me out of my rest? Lovely as it is?

Well, first, the Government, through Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Nsaba Buturo, stopped a conference of sex workers from happening. The letter to the hotel which was going to host the conference, and their reply are below.

But, more importantly, was this note about the cancellation that was in the Monitor.

Dr Buturo also revealed that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which brought controversy between government and donors, will be revisited upon completion of the Chogm debate which is on-going.
And, the fact that Bahati is going around giving interviews, here, and here, saying the Anti-Homosexulity bil is going to be made law.

Yes, there is need for me to get out of my state of sleep. Because, while I sleep, I am actually seeing an organised campaign to have me put in prison. Yes, it comes, it comes.....

And, I cannot sleep.

Now will I lie down and wait to be killed. No thanks



Bjørn said...

I wish you the best of luck.

I have just sent an email to the Norwegian Ministry of foreign affairs to ask what they will do in this regard. Last year, I believe notices from governments abroad helped getting the bill postponed.

Sweetp said...

More bad news...

UN may have just given them the opportunity to act on that bill.

I fear for what is to come...

Sweetp said...

please also check out:

Bjørn said...

I did get an answer from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today. They assure me that they are following this matter closely, and also inform me that Norwegian Foreign Minister Støre discussed this bill with President Museveni in June.

Of course, it is uncertain what good foreign interest in the law will do, but at least you can be sure that nations around the world are expressing their concern.

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