Friday, November 12, 2010

This guy is so Dangerous...!

Its a song, isnt it?

I love being gay.

Simply love it. The challenge to life, the challenge to prejudices and perception that forces itself onto one's self. I love it.

[Jumped out of bed on the right side, you see... that is why I am crowing about something which may cause me to be 'hanged' as my countrymates feel is good and fitting.] But, see it this way, if I was straight in Uganda, what cause would I have found to challenge my very existence, every day of my life since puberty, living behind a veil as a 'normal' person... while pinching and poking at life and existence?

Granted, I do know that being gay is not so different from being straight. Matter of fact. Say what they may, I know that. But, people will continue talking like I am the most evil of men.

Grin.....! I am SO DANGEROUS! I am used to scare kids in bed at night. You will be gay, you see!

Whats so boring is the fact that it is so normal. Give, mate, if only the extraordinary attention that the world gives to what is so normal to me would be diverted. But, I am just shy. Why should I duck my unique celebrity status?

This guy is DANGEROUS.

Bahati, Buturo, Ssempa. They all agree. And, why not. I am so dangerous.

Now, look at the brave football federation of Croatia. Don't know whether you have noticed it, but many people think us the scum of the earth. And, of course we cant be part of brave athletic sports like football, and others. Here.
And, another thing which is pretty consistent, when a person comes face to face with hate speech, or striking out at others, we are simply misunderstanding. [Even Ssempa was, and is, misunderstood.]
Markovic has since apologised ‘for a clumsy interpretation’ of his comments, claiming: ‘It was not my intention whatsoever to insult or hurt anyone.’
Give me 'clumsy'. Any time.

Another clumsy person. But, this is an elderly gentleman of the Catholic Church, who dares to say things that are the official church position..... but, it is not politically correct to say them. I give you the current, Catholic Archbishop of Belgium.
He calls AIDS a form of "justice" for homosexuals and wants retired pedophile priests to go unpunished. He says women who have an abortion will be greeted in the afterlife by their unborn child crying "Momma!"
Archbishop Andre Leonard, 70, was plucked from a sleepy Belgian citadel-town by Pope Benedict XVI in January to energize the country's Roman Catholic faithful and reverse 30 years of liberalism. The appointment was in line with Benedict's policy of putting tradition-minded and conservative bishops in important dioceses.
But since taking office, Leonard's hardline views have added turmoil to a church already mired in an abuse scandal. And, privately, some Vatican officials are expressing concern about an ever-worsening public relations disaster.
The controversy turned into a very public revolt last week when his spokesman resigned, saying he could no longer morally defend Leonard.
"I was his GPS for three months. But it is the driver who has his hands on the wheel. Too often, I had to recalculate the route," said Juergen Mettepenningen. He called Leonard a "loose cannon who thinks everybody else is wrong."
Leonard's views — and the way he delivers them so stridently — are riling the Catholic base, but they dovetail with church teachings that homosexual acts are "intrinsically disordered" and that women who abort babies are sinners.

Now, I have a sneaking admiration for the man. Why should hate speech be covered up? Like Ssempa, of the infamous 'eat da poo poo' fame, he is a man who speaks his mind. What if his mind is a sewer, and he is the Catholic Archbishop? Let him speak the position of the church without fear or favor.

Hey, what if the church is out of synch with life.... then, who else shows it so clearly but those who clearly ennunciate the position of the said Church?

Ugandans, my country mates are real fun.

When they bash gays, they expect things to just continue. Remember the 'Hang Them' headlines? They were not noticed in the country. No. I am not kidding you.

Why? Because, in Uganda, homosexuals simply do not deserve rights. When Nsaba-Buturo, Minister of Ethics and Integrity says homosexuals should forget about rights, he means exactly that. And, most fellow Ugandans will barely flinch. It is a known truth that homosexuals are not human...!

Anyway, what actually made news was the fact that it was news, and news in the west.

In more hilarious news,

Pastor Martin Ssempa. Forgive me. Pastor Dr. Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa got so notorious online on Facebook that the admins there pulled the plug on that particular kettle of worms. Now, did I tell you that the guy is charismatic and the darling of many youths? They have energy, and, they are willing to go the last inch.

They have formed a group on Facebook to apply pressure for the return of dear Dr 'eat da poo poo'.

Snicker. The group has 116 members, as of now. It is a public content group. And all are welcome.

Need to find whether any of my facebook friends are on. You know...! Oh, you wanted the link? It is here 

Just been looking through the group members. Do you think they will ban Gay Uganda? I am so joining them....! Amama Mbabazi is a member of the group. And, the pics are cool, you know.. good. I mean of the guys on it. [Hey, bite me, am gay!]

Now, the question is, does Gay Uganda want Ssempa back on facebook or not?

We shall so see. Soon.

What are the discussions like, at that group?

Err, as of now, no discussions. Nothing but shouting to have Ssempa back on facebook. What did the gentle man do to be forced off?

He was so misunderstood! (Forgive my slip into Ugandenglish) Seems to fit in well, here.

As Afrogay writes,  for Ssempa the noose to tighten is little justice. But, what else can we pray for?

Ever wonder what would have happened if the 33 Chilean miners had been in Uganda? I don't. Wonder that is. They would have died, sure. No question about that.
Charles Onyango Obbo wonders actually. And, here is what he thinks would have happened
My friend Pastor Martin Sempa and MP David Bahati would show up at the rescue site. They would allege that one of the miners is gay, and therefore he should not be brought to the surface, as it was God’s plan that he stays in the ground. Only the heterosexuals, they would argue, should be rescued.
Well, Ugandans would have cheered Bahati and Ssempa. I know. I am a Ugandan!

Now, this less than satirical piece ends here. Tomorrow is Friday. And that means that I am looking forwards to Saturday and the weekend. Like a child promised candy, the thought sustains me through the rest of the week.....!

Have a great day, people!

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