Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pastor Male and Giles Muhame

Life is interesting.

I am seated, looking out at some very beautiful piece of landscape. A high mountain, clothed in clouds. On the foothills houses, white, sunsplashed. Picture card perfect.

There is a wind, blowing against me, cold. Cold to my super sensitive skin. The picture is of summer idly. But, cant figure out the cold wind. I need to put on something warm.... hey, Kampala has lows of 18C, when they ever happen. Beautiful country, that. No wonder I fight to remain there....!

Life is interesting in other ways.

You know the paper in Uganda which decided to capitalise on our fabulous celebrity status as gay ugandans? Going around and showing who we are.... imagine, blowing away our illustruous veil of secrecy.....

Giles Muhame of the rolling rock was at the High Court today. Apparently, the judge was not convinced why the gentleman was not ready to defend himself. Problems with his 'wife'? Or the lawyer's? Hmmmmm! 

 A Ugandan high court judge on Tuesday extended a ban on the publication in the media of pictures identifying people as homosexuals, sparking the ire of a leading anti-gay pastor.
Judge Vincent Musoke-Kibuuka extended the ban at a Tuesday hearing in the case of homophobic tabloid Rolling Stone, which has no connection to the US magazine.
The judge had expected to hear arguments from Rolling Stone newspaper editors defending their right to out gay men and women in their new, sporadically published tabloid.
But Musoke-Kibuuke extended the ban, first issued on November 1, when Rolling Stone managing editor Giles Muhame insisted he was not ready to offer a defence, citing "a problem with my wife".

But, apparently he has a solid defence set. Just needs a wee bit more incubation. I wasnt at the court. But here is AP story.

"You have given reasons which are not very satisfactory," the judge said, prompting a mumbled apology from Muhame.
Muhame told AFP that when the case resumes on Friday, he will vehemently defend his right to publish photos he finds on gay dating websites, as he did in Rolling Stone's November 1 issue.
"I can't tell you what our defence will entail. But we will be ready. We are making very excellent notes," he said.

Do you know what I love most about that article?

It is Pastor Solomon Male. He is incensed that he cannot be allowed the chance to see the photos of gay men in the newspapers. Clearly, he believes like Bahati, that the rolling pebble was doing the world a favour, telling on people who they thought are gay.

Speaking on behalf of the National Coalition Against Homosexuality and Sexual Abuse in Uganda, Pastor Solomon Male accused the court of using the ban on outing to protect "selfish, heartless and aggressive criminal offenders."
Shouting on the courthouse veranda, Male asked, "How can homosexuals who deliberately break the law claim right to privacy?"
Homosexuality is defined in Uganda's penal code as "carnal knowledge against the order of nature", and can bring a prison sentence of seven years to life.
Male was last year investigated for libel after accusing a prominent Evangelical pastor, who is minister to Uganda's First Lady, of sexually abusing teenage boys.

Clearly, homosexuals are criminals who deserve no protection of any part of Uganda's Constitution and Laws. The man in rant.... Very, very usual characteristic for him, as it is for his colleague Pastor 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa.


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